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Guild Wars 2 Necromancer - OC Commission

Made with Photoshop CC and Zbrush.

Necromancer Original Character HD WALLPAPER Commission made for:

I'm open for Guild Wars 2 OC commission early January, contact me for availability (limited).
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© 2015 - 2021 Eddy-Shinjuku
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Wow. This is amazing!
Kitty1Cat2's avatar
This is so cool! 
Love the colors too 
CoconutRacecar's avatar
I've never posted on Deviant Art before so I apologize if you're no longer active. I'm interested in having commissions done of two of my Guild Wars 2 characters and am willing to pay quite a lot. Your style is exactly what I'm looking for so I don't mind if it's pricey.

If you'd like to contact me either on Reddit, online or the official forums, here are my account handles:
Reddit - CoconutRacecar.
In game - SpellOfIniquity.1780
TswordZ's avatar
Outstanding! She looks amazing!
Mrs-Durden's avatar
Your amazing work has been featured here: Voyage to the Unknown: Mixed Media
Wytherwing's avatar
outstanding work! :thumbsup:
SGR214's avatar
Oh! Very nice!
AutumnRaineAngel's avatar
Attention to detail, spot on!! This is beautiful <3
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Beautiful work!
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TheMadJadder's avatar
Looks so much like Morrigan from Dragon Age but nice work!
JaxFenrile's avatar
Very nicely done! :D
lumberjacck's avatar
Wow! Your skills are improving nicely! Gotta get back to play some GW2 now, hehe. Love 
geisterfurz007's avatar
I'd love to play again, but my computer isn't handling the game since a short time :(
lumberjacck's avatar
Ah, I'm sorry to hear that. :( (Sad) 
geisterfurz007's avatar
Thanks :) I am hoping to get a job soon to bring up money for a new cooler.... We'll see what the new year will bring :D
lumberjacck's avatar
Which cooler has the problem? The video card one? I had problems with NVidia cards overheating. Boing! Boing! 
geisterfurz007's avatar
No, the processor one hmpf   My graphics card never goes above 60°C, but my CPU stops the whole PC at 90°C... So with a new cooler (my current one is very bad...) it should work in future.
lumberjacck's avatar
Ah, the CPU usually doesn't have problems. With a new fan it'll be alright! ;) (Wink) 
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