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FAORA UL: Man of Steel Edition

Photoshop CS6: Painting and Illustration. Working hours: 20hrs +/-.

Had just watched Man of Steel this week, and can't shake off this lovestruck for Faora, man she's badass! :D

So I made a special art in super high definition as big as 6721 x 4800pixels @ 300DPI available for PRINT. Above is re-sized for web friendly view, heaps of details has been pixelated of course.
True sized version with crisper details and pronounced brushstrokes will be available for prints as big as 30x40 inches.

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Nitish-Loneshark's avatar
She looks so sick badass, yet so fabulous :D
Kaguyo's avatar
AeroHybrid's avatar
Dude...this is AWESOME :D
MytheriaDesigns's avatar
This is EPIC :D Well done!
Carni99's avatar
two words BAD ASS! Okay I'm done, btw it looks rly awesome haha :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) 
Starforgemj's avatar
this chick stole the mobie, had the baddest eyes too , well done :)
Sweetlylou's avatar
Awesome artwork ! :heart:
Tiancum's avatar
WOW! yeah, she's my favorite bad chick basically ever. This is an awesome representation of her personality and armor, and completely does her "justice". Nod 
SelfversusSelf's avatar
Best Faora illustration here... of anywhere for that matter. Loved It :D
Tiancum's avatar
^ it's true! i just checked. the other ones are nice, but don't even come close to this one. PS- this is my new background. :)
Juu50x's avatar
SIMPLY LOVELY WORK! While, I admit that the movie wasn't my thing (and I might be more on the "Dislike camp"), but Faora was one of the good and interesting things in it. There was something about her that I liked more than any other character.

And I just LOVE the armor around her! It is sad that she has to be a villain because she would make at least an awesome Anti-Hero. And the fact that her armor wasn't "skimpy" and/or "sexy" just added coolness for her!
Why can't we have more women hero's/villains like this?
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This film was amazing in every way in my humble opinion. The fight scenes, the plot, the characters, the costumes, the soundtrack, the direction of photography. Simply perfect. Best Superman film up to date. I was also frustrated they had to kill Faora too. An amazing character. Still, it could be worse. Could have been another money grabbing flick where almost no one dies like the avengers lol.
Juu50x's avatar
Well, I think that was bit harsh on the Avengers. I mean, you could say that EVERY movie is an "Money Grabbing Flick".
And about people dying/staying alive... I'm neutral on that part. Although I WAS annoyed that Sups didn't try to take the fight away from highly populated area when he fought Faora, that other Krypton dude and later Zod.

But yeah, the soundtrack certainly was kick ass! And yeah, this was still quite great Superman film in YEARS (granted I've only seen S2 and liked it alot  :D) and fight scenes were tense and AWESOME! And I also liked the costumes on Sups and the Kryptonians.
But the camera did move bit too fast on certain scenes that was just annoying.

But yeah, movie was good/OK in my eyes. Although I have to watch it second and maybe third time at some point.  xD
OpalTitan's avatar
Not really. Not every comicbook movie has a watered down version of it's characters or poor storyline. Having Loki and his "army" as a legitimate threat to make all these oddballs join forces was not convincing.
I was bummed about Faora but I guess you either die a villain or you live long enough to see yourself become Spiderman 3/ Iron Man 3.
The fight took place in Smallville which is not a highly populated area. As for the camera it was a big relief for me. It was fast paced, shaking every time the Kryptonians wrecked havoc which was the right effect to describe them: Unstopable, inescapable forces. I mean if i wanted another movie with slow motion there is always matrix. Richard Donner fanboys may not have liked this movie but they had their chance with superman 4 and guess what it was simply boring.His spin was a bit apologetic to justify the character's looks and origin. Snyder avoided all that and took a huge risk to give us the superman we deserve, the one we know from the comics. This film was truly innovative
Juu50x's avatar
Yeah, true. Although I did enjoy Iron Man 3 while Spider-Man 3 was... something that should have been awesome.
And about making all of those "oddballs" join forces not convincing. I think they made an good job with it since they had other movies to build up. And I'm sure that if one day there is going to be a Justice League movie, it is probably something like that.

And I don't talk about slow motion like in Matrix. All I wanted was little less shaky camera because it is annoying when scenes change so fast you aren't completely sure what happened. So just BIT more toned down was good. And I think we already got the idea of Kryptionians power and all that with the destruction and all that. The shacky camera was not needed. And so wasn't on scenes that didn't requier it.

And if there is anything that both fans and not fans of this movie should agree is that: Superman 4: Guest For Peace is the WORST Superman movie ever! Thank goodness I never saw that...
DanStrogg's avatar
She has smthing simillar with Sasha Grey xD
OpalTitan's avatar
lol nope that's a true sacrilege... comparing a whore to one of the last of the Kryptonian warriors with honour.
TehAngelsCry's avatar
My first thought (having not seen Man of Steel) was that this was Cassandra Pentaghast XD Looks amazing though!
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