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FALLOUT 4 Wallpaper

Couldn't find any new Wallpaper for Fallout 4 right now, so I quickly whip up one myself. 
Can't wait to become a vault dweller once again! So much time were spent on mods in both FO3 and FO:NV lol ;p

For the full size work click the DOWNLOAD button if you may, cheers! 
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This is amazing art. Good work.

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As many people here, your piece was my computer wallpaper for a while and I never knew you were behind it. Anyways, this is awesome.

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Awesome to hear that! Much gratitude!

Despite what 'journalist' and gamers say about Fallout, I enjoyed F4 to death. It's also help being a massive patron of Nexusmods - there is always some silly things to mod ;p
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To be honest, Fallout 4 wasn't my favourite. This title goes to Fallout New Vegas and also to Fallout 3, in second place.

However, I really appreciated the turn they took with Fallout 4. It was indeed refreshing and newer in terms of performances, at least on consoles. I will always remember the neat feeling I had when building and transforming my house when it was raining in-game. That felt like I truly owned that shelter and like I was protecting and leading a community. So yeah, even if I could talk about the series longer than you would want me to, I will conclude on the fact that, yes, Fallout 4 was a good game for some reasons !

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If F3 and NV came out at the same time, I would've lean more towards NV because it left greater emotional impression on me personally. But F3 being the first FPS based Fallout franchise played, I would say it edges a bit because I remembered how new the experience was of the game of it's kind - and of course added that I played it during hard times that I just want to immerse fully in the wasteland.

Yeah F4 might not be the best, but IMO it has longer playability. I keep returning to check out the shelters I've build lol

Still adding stuff to them casually with new mods.

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Totally on your side.

It's really interesting to see how a game can have an impact on our personal lives and I've had this feeling more than once so I can definitely relate to that.

Again, you are acheiving great works on your profile. I'm clearly going to follow you from now on and support your efforts even though I'm still learning to navigate through this platform since yesterday. Having this conversation with you reminds me how cool artists and gamers truly are !

Best of luck.

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Now im confused i have seen this pick before so is this a reupload or was the previous not drawn?
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How much time did it take to draw this? :D
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This is amazingly beautiful! T60 is and will always be my favorite power armor!
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Ugh, I like to pop the bubbles so I'll tell you. I think that's T-45. Not T-60. Because, as you see(or not, whatever.), the chest plate is a bit flat. Have you noticed now?
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Yeah, I see it now. Also the shoulders are a bit more curved. Sorry about that ^^;
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😮WOW Osem 😮
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Aww man, this is too cool.
From one Fallout fan to another, love it!
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I like your work and I would like asking you for use your t45 power armor like a render for my creation.. It look great and would be very happy to use it .

Nice work ,
I love this game so much! Great job btw! 
Freaking awesome.

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Exuse me may I please use your artwork for my youtube channel?
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