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Dungeons and Dragons RP Commission: Tyri



Tyri - Chaotic Good - Half-elf Celestial Warlock

Tyri was born the daughter of an elven father, renowned as an explorer and warrior, and a human mother, a humble tailor. Growing up in an elven settlement, she inherited her father's spirit of adventure and, having few friends, spent much of her early life going on expeditions with him into unknown territories and mapping uncharted caves. During one such excursion, Tyri found an old book written in cryptic symbols. She studied the text in secret and, over time, she began to feel a connection to some unknown source of warm benevolence.

One day, when they were exploring a cave, a necromancer had been lying in wait and ambushed Tyri and her father with an army of undead. Though her father fought bravely to protect her, he soon was overcome. In desperation, Tyri clutched her book and prayed to anyone or anything listening -- and something answered. A golden light erupted from deep within her, engulfing the cavern, and in an instant, the undead had been turned to ash, though the necromancer was able to escape. Her father soon succumbed to his injuries, and she returned home in grief.

Now, she and her mother reside in a remote human town, and she has taken up adventuring to provide for them both. She continues to study her tome, developing more and more control over the strange powers that manifested and drawing ever closer to the mysterious source of light. All the while, she harbors a deep hatred for necromancy and the undead, and she seeks to uncover the truth behind the events of that day.

Here, Tyri investigates ancient ruins deep in the earth, combining her skill as an explorer with her powers of light and fire to vanquish a band of skeletal soldiers.

Dungeons and Dragons: Antheia'AnRaza by Eddy-Shinjuku Guild Wars 2 Necromancer - OC Commission by Eddy-Shinjuku Cyberpunk - Bailey Bright Eyes Full Art by Eddy-Shinjuku 2B or not 2B by Eddy-Shinjuku

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