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First Time Seeing Your Art And Am Already Love It.

KuroNekoKeef's avatar
Damn it !
The way you make hair and thorns with this texture … this hypnotizing glance … color and skin texture … remarkable ! 
n0ts0sane's avatar
WOW!!! This is amazing!!!
CihanEmRe's avatar
Yüksek ihtimalle türkçe bilmiyorsun ama teşekkür ederim !! ^_^ 
btosilvano's avatar
Great work man!
ArtGamerLK's avatar
TheEletroGuardian's avatar
So cool. I don't know what else to say, I'm out of words.
fenice1994's avatar
Wonderful....really. BRAVOOOO!!!! :)
Michael84791's avatar
Oh she looks so cool!
Relaxel's avatar
Hooooooooly shit.
TheAlienpope's avatar
How in the name of all art gods did you make her skin?? :o 
Eddy-Shinjuku's avatar
Skin brush that emulates pores ;D
TheAlienpope's avatar

Please teach me sensei! 

Seriously though... Your art is a great inspiration to me. Thank you :) 
MouraMoura's avatar
Well done. Beautiful especially the use of the light.
sync85's avatar
Tres belle +fav
She looks like Lilith from the Borderlands series.
Lieutenant-Free-chan's avatar
Ednard's avatar
Remind me Katarina from League of Legends. :D
wasabiiid's avatar

Wow awesome artwork!! Any chance I could use this as a background visual for a music video on my music channel? With credit of course :) -

Art-Ablaze's avatar
Love everything about this artwork! It looks brilliant!
GladeFaun's avatar
Always love a bit of D&D art, but this is definitely the best I've seen in some time.
BigBigZ's avatar
i dont care if she's a demon i would like to kiss her right a way dam she is so beautiful
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