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CYBERPUNK 2077 - A New Girl In Town


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Despite made this artwork, in the perspective of a 'creator' I wouldn't want her to be outright in Cyberpunk 2077 just because the fans wanted her to.


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That is a stunning artwork <3 - I wouldn't mind her having a guest appearance, but more like an easter egg, not a regular NPC.

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Cyberpunk Ciri? I would buy that for a dollar!

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I really like this work of yours! Real cyberpunk! Can I use it for my music release cover? I write cyberpunk music right now and wanted to use your art in my single cover. Is it possible? 

- Burciaga
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Love the fine details. So good!
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Not sure how I missed this one, must have been on autopilot when I was clearing pics in my watch.
Thanks for sharing!!
Not sure why the Reddit posters were giving you grief on the car though.
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This piece is absolutely amazing!
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quite sure that Ciri will have an appearance in Cyberpunk - since she basically told us so at Witcher 3. Likely that she isn't going to be a main-character - but still, an easteregg or somesort of quest.

I wonder tho - why not travel to that world, get some fancy badass implants and go back owning monsters and the wild hunt with your new fancy mantis blades.

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im so looking forward to this game

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you're a killer in detail.
Always amazed by your style and your skills ...
You're really Fucking talented !
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Great pic, is this game still trying to break Duke Nukem Forever's record?

7-8 years VS 14+ of Duke Nukem Forever - nah...

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Lol, you have the gift of hindsight, when I made that comment in September of 2018 I did not and it was still very much a possibility..

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ive never been a huge fan of digital art and ect. probably because i dont know how to create it but with that being said. i  absolutely love this piece digital or traditional it doesnt matter cuz this is really stunning! ive seen tons of digital art and yours is definatly up there with some of the bests ive seen! keep it up my friend!
What programm did u use , Photoshop or something else ?
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Masterpiece! Thank you for sharing with your talent )
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i have made a gif based on you drawing. can i post it on my profile ( i will give credits of course) and if you don't like it, i will remove it.
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