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Character  Mercy (Overwatch)

Commissioned Artwork

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She is devine, judging by the picture

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Great work. The detail and textural impressions are superb.
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so well illustrated!i hope you keep on drawing!
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I don't know why, but when I see Mercy, I ''feel God''.
OmalleyFlowers's avatar
The yellow wings are making me very uncomfortable.. they're blue for her cobalt skin.
iHateBits's avatar
I love this art piece. And she's one of my favorite characters from Overwatch!
Absolutely stunning Eddy!   You are one extraordinary artist!
mfellinger's avatar
oh wow awesome!
FliopDrawings's avatar
I dont have words for this! realy!
XGame25's avatar
This is totally awesome. How long did this take?
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You are now my new favorite Overwatch/WoW artist! <3
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Awesome art! :D
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the wing on the right is drastically out of proportion than the left one. the left wing (my left) have a good size. can you improve it  cause the entire picture looks great , but that disproportion distracts me ,(sorry if i m being mean) you are a much greater artist than i m but still somethings need to say .
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I'll just say some things about this.First of all it's pretty awesome.Second of all the artworks is properly made and has a 3D-ish style.Last of all, I noticed people have been detailing the backround better than ever.
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The pain that genji mains give.... this aswell
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