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Bloodborne themed Dungeons and Dragons Commission

Characters belongs to ZypherHavoc

Age: 14
Alignment: Lawful Good

A young girl who appears to be human, and is convincingly so. She was born an Aasimar but has no knowledge of it as she has a seal on her that blocks the celestial properties from showing.

She has a doll that is a memento she got from her parents that she keeps with her at all times to remember them.

She is a very cheerful and lively girl, despite the terrible thing that happened to her at a young age. Her parents were killed when she was only 11 and Revvel took her in and trained her to become a peacekeeper like him.

After training with Revvel she found herself feeling the same type of honor in fighting to maintain peace, and if she were to ever find out about Revvel then she would feel very conflicted as to what to do, maintain her honor as a bringer of peace, or let live the one person she can call family.

In the end though she is a very spunky cheerful kid who is always excited to see new things, always wanting to try new foods, and see more places, as she has been stuck in a small house for most of her life.

Age: 32
Alignment: Lawful Good

A man of honor toward the path he was given when he was a young boy, he became a hunter of criminals to avenge the death of his family, and has always stuck to the peacekeeping ways. He was almost always a very serious and straightforward person, however when Kiris joined him he became a bit more light hearted.

His honor toward his way is very important, attacking and much worse killing an innocent essentially breaks him inside, and when it does happen he tries to redeem himself, as they are taught in the Talons, some may be redeemed for their crimes but despite that he feels as though he does not deserve mercy, and fully expects to be killed for it one day by Kiris.

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Very surreal art! The character back stories are intense. i especially love that the girl is secretly an Aasimar.
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This is breathtaking!
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STUNNING WORK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Is it just me or does he look like Keanu ?
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doesn't look like 14 but you never know with girls these days :XD: :lmao: this is incredible work! Love all those details. 
Eddy-Shinjuku's avatar
haha =p
Being a 14 years boy is far less complicated if I recall - I'll I wanted to do was video games and skateboarding. Simple life it was then:)

But thanks for the kind words and support!
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I'm still doing that :-P more video games than skate boarding though haha
Eddy-Shinjuku's avatar
lol the same here ;D
The body isn't as elastic as it used to be. I've build a pretty decent workstation last year, it would be ashamed not to play games on it ;p
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Bloodborne d&d????!!! FUCK YES
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this might be one of the coolest pieces i've ever seen in a long time! Good work friend =D also i just noticed the male character likes a little like John Wick =D
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Bunch of bad asses
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This is so good
Shes a hot partner
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Awesome! Also, good to know the dead parents cliché is still alive, lol.
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They killed John Wick's parrot, and stole his ship.
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Wow! Incredible and fantastic! 
HazzMania01's avatar
Being one of my favourite games of all time, I have to say, you've impressed me ^^ This is amazing!
Eddy-Shinjuku's avatar
Glad to hear that! Thanks for your time viewing this piece, cheers! ( ⋂‿⋂’)
Eddy-Shinjuku's avatar
Thanks for dropping by! ( ◠ ◡ ◠ )
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