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(WARNING: Breaks the fourth wall. A lot.)
Urgh, just who is calling me- Huh? That guy upstairs got a call?

Huh, PopulousMaster's OC / AA Origin meme, huh? Fine. What's the rules?

"1) You must choose at least one or two of your Original Characters and their names. 

2) You must describe the meaning of their names. As in look up the actual definition of their names in the dictionary.

3) You must describe what inspired you to create your character's personalities. Whether the characters are made as extensions of yourself or as just minor characters you thought were humorous. 

4) You must explain their design or send people a link to show their design

5) You must tell how much of an importance they are to you. By this I mean how much they are to your identity in the walfas community. 

6) You must tag at least five people and only go as high as ten people"

I'm all for it. So, I assume that guy chose...

1) OK, so Victor Handoyo, which is me, and that bad-at-Tech guy, Daisetsu Sugawara, got chosen. Oh, this is going to be fun... Oi, Dai! Come here!

2) Victor: So basically, my first name's meaning 'Conqueror' and my last name means nothing. As for Daisetsu...

2) Daisetsu: Dai's first name meant that he's strong in material matters, determined... and stubborn. While his last name meant that he's spiritually intense. Who knew letting that guy change him to a freelance Youkai Hunter makes more sense now?

3) Victor: What inspired my personality? Well, the guy upstairs said that I act like him. Or who he wanted to be. Said I'm just an extension of himself.

3) Daisetsu: Originally, in the story that guy wanted to make for went for him being the caring guy.

4) Victor: Me? Uh, let's see from my documents back from Los Santos... 6 foot tall, 21 years old, short black hair, black eyes, asian-looking face, black 2-piece suit with white shirt, and black formal slip-on shoes. I usually won't have it any other way.

4) Daisetsu: His getup sure is odd. Who wears Kimonos in this day and age? Besides, blue shoes seems to be odd, isn't it?

5) Well, the guy upstairs took care of both of us, but I think I've been the only one between me and Daisetsu to be in most of the comics. Daisetsu on the other hand has been forgotten. Might as well get him back and get him the comic he sorely wanted.

6) Oh, 5 people minimal? Well, let's even the odds.