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Hey Eddheads! We just shared a brand new short called 'Casting Call'. You can watch it on Newgrounds and YouTube now! Here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H-_qv3gioes

We had a LOT of fun making this one and we hope it shows. Thank you for all your continued support! If you want to get more involved you can follow us on Twitter, join our Patreon, or grab some of our new merch from the store!

- Bing & The Eddsworld Team x

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Hey Eddheads! We have a new video for you! Watch it below:

Fan Service 2 is a short that- you guessed it- pays homage to the original Fan Service. This is the first of several shorts we're working on with an all-new animation team, so we hope you enjoy it! Please go watch it on both YouTube and Newgrounds, and leave us great comments, likes, and reviews!

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Hello Eddheads! Thank you for being part of our DeviantArt community for so long, and sorry we haven't posted in a while! The last journal entry on this profile was written by Edd himself in 2011, and the last piece of artwork shared was a comic in 2018! The world has changed since then, and so has the EW team.


This year Eddsworld hit over 2 million subscribers on YouTube! We also launched our official Instagram last year and we've been steadily releasing original drawings over there (more than 60 of them so far). You can find us on Twitter and Instagram, both @Eddsworld.

We also relaunched the official Eddsworld online store, selling classic t-shirt and poster designs, as well as newer items like wristbands and stickers! You can find that here.

Nowadays Eddsworld is run by a whole team of amazing people- from showrunner Matt, to team manager Christopher, to Alex who organises the social media, Duckie and the amazing mod team on Discord, and of course our artists Jon, Vincent, Collin, Pippin, David, and more! 15+ people help keep Edd's world spinning, and we're working on all kinds of new stuff for you...

We're not quite sure how to use dA, so we're totally open to suggestions! Let us know what you'd like to see more of, and how we can best support our fantastic fans.

Oh and happy Pride Month! x

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I hope you've enjoyed the handful of comics I managed to write! This is Tom signing out for the last time x
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You asked for it, you got it. No, it's not f**king waffles.

Even before i animated, i always had a habit of drawing friends into comics. In secondary school i would draw them all the time, if just to get a quick laugh or to insult another. Originally my group of friends in school were he cast of what i called 'Edd's World', most likely inspired by Wayne's World. Eventually i started using the internet more often and started using Neopets with Matt and others, which lead to me making a Guild and then a Guild website.. and that Guild was called 'Edd's Kill-a-thon'... yeah. A few weeks later after some angry threats, the admins removed my guild for having too violent of a title. So i made a new one and called it 'Edd's World' with a lame little Geocities webpage linking to cool stuff and funny pictures. Soon i started using an animated gif maker to make very bad anmated gif stories, mainly about stickmen dying and farts and what not. When i finally found a place to submit them (www.sfdt.com) i discovered they were no longer taking animated gif entries and were only accepting flash entires. So i click on one entry on the side and thought i'd see what these animations were like, and that entry was Agent Smiley (www.newgrounds.com/portal/view…) and basically i was like ohygodwydontihavethisprogram, and so i got it. On the 7th of November 2002. Needless to say i started using it, for the first few years i made primarily stick figure animations. Around 2004 i started making less stick movies and more character based things, and by the end i made the first Eddsworld 'crew' animation, the Eddsworld Xmas Special 2004 (www.newgrounds.com/portal/view…) Which had... mixed success. It wasn't until The Dudette Next Door (www.newgrounds.com/portal/view…) that the Newgrounds audience took any notice (wonder why) and fans started appearing and things started snowballing from there, really.

I first met Matt at a Sports day event. Me and my friend were sat next to him having to watch the tedious sporting events, and suddenly this ginger kid starts talking constantly to me and my friend. My first impression was that he was a bit of a prick so i was keeping my distance, but he soon engaged us in tic-tac-toe kind of games on paper, more with my friend than i. Then a few days later suddenly it's announced a pupil would be moving to our class and that me and my friend should know him, he said his name and i had no idea who he was talking about but i was hoping it wasn't- and in he walked. But none the less, he grew on me eventually (less so on others) and when my initial friend left the school it was just me and Matt basically! (Don't get me wrong, there were other friends but this is about Matt) He intially didn't want to be in my earlier stick animations because he claimed i kept killing him off, hence why he does not have a proper role in the earlier 'eddisodes' instead appearing as a cameo. But when i later asked if he wanted to appear and then die very early in Eddsworld Zombeh Attack, he was all up for it. Go figure.

I then met Tom online actually, shortly after i started making stick animations, he was actually a fan who had added me on a messaging service back when i did stick animations because he liked the animations i had posted on StickSuicide.com (now Explosm.net [www.explosm.net]) and he basically sat in my contact list for a long time, when Edd Again came out he started talking to me more, even sending fan art and his work (which was clearly a take on the style used in Edd Again) which he shortly fixed by adding a monobrow on the face (hence Tom's initial appearance). Then we carried on speaking and i didn't include Tom in any of my animations until late 2004 when i initiated him 'into the crew'. He was technically the first member too!

I then met Tord in a similar way to meeting Tom, only with Newgrounds. He liked one of my animations so we got talking and eventually i initiated him into the crew along with Tom. Originally he was to provide comics for the website, but was soon adapted into the crew in time for the Eddsworld Xmas Special 2004. Shortly after The Dudette Next Door, i had major computer problems and was using Internet cafes and all sorts to stay in contact, leaving Tom and Tord to discuss alone. Thus leading to both parties finding they didn't like each other too much, haha. But once i returned, things continued as usual! Tord 'left' right after Moving Targets was completed over three years ago, simply because he wished to pursue his own ambitions separately from the group.

So technically i'm the only thing linking these guys together!

And if you read all of that, i'm impressed.
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