NEW VIDEO! Watch 'Casting Call' now!

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Hey Eddheads! We just shared a brand new short called 'Casting Call'. You can watch it on Newgrounds and YouTube now! Here's the link:

We had a LOT of fun making this one and we hope it shows. Thank you for all your continued support! If you want to get more involved you can follow us on Twitter, join our Patreon, or grab some of our new merch from the store!

- Bing & The Eddsworld Team x

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I love your comics. They are hilarious :rofl:. My favorite comics is your. sink one

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a late commenter but here's some edd stuff to say sorry

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Bloody good show chaps

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i watch it

it's so cool

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I loved it! all the matt jokes we're great

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Rip the creator 🥺

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What's gonna happen to Tom? Will not he be voiced?

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ta chido el nuevo video

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Alright! I’m actually on tryptophan from the turkey so I might accidentally make a spelling error

Oh cool no errors
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I love this revival you guys have going on! Today has been made the best Turkey Day ever thanks to this!

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I seen your video and it was really Amzaing I love it so much, you guys did pretty swell I hope you keep on making more of these in the future, It's really awesome and you guys did a great job, Edd Gould will be very proud of you, Stay Pretty swell you guys

Eddsworld Gang
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