NEW VIDEO! 'Fan Service 2' is out today!

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Hey Eddheads! We have a new video for you! Watch it below:

Fan Service 2 is a short that- you guessed it- pays homage to the original Fan Service. This is the first of several shorts we're working on with an all-new animation team, so we hope you enjoy it! Please go watch it on both YouTube and Newgrounds, and leave us great comments, likes, and reviews!

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Frik I'm late again XD

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first the videos were edited by edd, then with tom, and now with matt, coincidence? I don't think so xd

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holly hell I was thinking the same thing

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I'm happy you guys returned! Nobody saw that coming! You made 2020 feel a lot better! thank you!

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That was beyond glorious. Truly wonderful. The fact that his curiosity far surpasses his trauma is hilarious.

SkyCutieDreamsOwO's avatar

i was very happy when you guys uploaded the new video

keep up the good work OwO

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I saw the notification on youtube, and went crazy. You guys made my day !

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yeah im so happy ^w^

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Maybe 2020 had a little change of Hearst
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I literally screamed when I got that notification😂 This episode never fails to make me laugh like all the others. Good luck and thank you for keeping eddsworld's spirit alive!

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I'm impressed that this is actually real and not another schizo moment ngl.

Goodluck Matthew, best wishes and yada.

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Welp 2020 went from the worst to best year thank you Matt and all the others keeping Eddsworld alive :D

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Okay I actually didn’t expect this and started crying, there’s been a lot happening and this made my year so much better. Thank you so much for bringing all this happiness to the world and others. This permanently changed the world for the better. This made me crack up but still, thank you so much for your hard work and bringing smiles to others.
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omomgmogomgmogmo yes

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Wow, this had me dying in laughter XD Poor Matt. This was a really good way for a comeback video in my opinion.

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I told all my friends yesterday wouldn’t it be cool if Eddsworld returns in the quarantine and so now im text them links to the short and screaming I called it


AWW HELL YEAH! Really needed this in 2020, Year Of The Disasters

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This is probably both one of the best returns of an animated series I've ever seen and one of the best roasts to the fanbase I've ever seen.

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I just hope the new direction will please the fans

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