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Hello Eddheads! Thank you for being part of our DeviantArt community for so long, and sorry we haven't posted in a while! The last journal entry on this profile was written by Edd himself in 2011, and the last piece of artwork shared was a comic in 2018! The world has changed since then, and so has the EW team.


This year Eddsworld hit over 2 million subscribers on YouTube! We also launched our official Instagram last year and we've been steadily releasing original drawings over there (more than 60 of them so far). You can find us on Twitter and Instagram, both @Eddsworld.

We also relaunched the official Eddsworld online store, selling classic t-shirt and poster designs, as well as newer items like wristbands and stickers! You can find that here.

Nowadays Eddsworld is run by a whole team of amazing people- from showrunner Matt, to team manager Christopher, to Alex who organises the social media, Duckie and the amazing mod team on Discord, and of course our artists Jon, Vincent, Collin, Pippin, David, and more! 15+ people help keep Edd's world spinning, and we're working on all kinds of new stuff for you...

We're not quite sure how to use dA, so we're totally open to suggestions! Let us know what you'd like to see more of, and how we can best support our fantastic fans.

Oh and happy Pride Month! x

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you can hier me to do the voice of tord in eddsworld and also welcome back

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i am so happy that these guys are back in townnnnn

Catlette4ever's avatar

Oh god I'm late to this post I-

(Very late) welcome back!

Eddsworldfan66's avatar

Keep up the good work!!!

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I would love to see short animationo her on da and on YouTube if that’s possible

Quetzalcoatlsen's avatar

YES! I'm so happy that the EW team is starting to post more stuff on DA! I can't wait to see what gets posted! :3

Cougar200's avatar

Hey, It's Elliot from the Discord server. :>

Honestly, thank you guys for keeping this going for so long. I sincerely appreciate the effort. Especially, Matt. You've probably had to deal with so much from the fandom being crazy and I seriously condemn actively trying to continue the franchise. I promise I will be there for whenever the next Eddisode gets released. I have all the pins from the store on my bag and am waiting for a poster and the wristbands to arrive!

I've been an on and-off fan since 2014. While my early days of being a fan were very questionable, I loved Eddsworld with all my heart and I have matured since then. This community is far from perfect (just like me hahaewjkwewjtk) but it has a very special place in my heart. It's helped fuel the fire to my hobby of animation and art and will continue to do so.


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Hello! I would suggest using dA to post comics and illustrations.

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Oh god!
I didn't expect the Eddsworld DA would be back-
And uh-
Maybe um--
Showing cool artwork of the gang? :D
Grimmijaggers's avatar

Thank you for all your work :D

Roxxy-POP's avatar

this make's me happy bro :D

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Leave it how it is?

I don't really know, but eclipse is painful.

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P.S. thankie for the pride month and speaking about the blm on twitter

mniamk's avatar

finally, good news in 2020

Applehead210's avatar

Good to have you back. Looking forward to whatever comes next from you guys.

ChlorineArts's avatar
Welcome back guys, i can’t wait for the new content.
Take your time though, we wouldn’t want you guys getting stressed.
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WOW, I didn't really expect Eddsworld to return on DeviantArt, I'm really surprised to see you guys back! I really wanted you to do more comics here, since you already post art on instagram, what do you think?
ThatComicDude2020's avatar

Welcome back, Eddheads. Welcome back...

SweetJazzyGirl's avatar

oh my god, it's good to see you here again! it's been a year or 2 since you guys have been posting. glad to have you guys return

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