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Zanta Claws II

Zanta Claws is back - and this time, it's seasonal!

Hope you enjoy!
Merry Christmas!

Oh and music in this was composed by either me or Tom, and one track composed by Kevin MacLeod who allowed us rights.

Vote please C:
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i love the movie poster love its perfect
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I LOVE TORD[ftu] tord intensifies v.2 [ftu] tord intensifies v.2 Tord Icon Tord GIF Tord GIF :EW: Tord Tord 
Guacam013's avatar
By far the best episode.
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furrygirl123's avatar
in the waiting loading page thing, tom looks like a BOSS
emmasdrawings's avatar
Why are there always bear traps on top of the roof?
MinecraftFlame's avatar
See the first Zanta Claws in the gallery to know why
MinecraftFlame's avatar
Remember that Tom doesn't celebrate Christmas and especially doesn't like Santa xD lol
Wait. If Tom hates christmas why would he sacrafice his eyes to save santa?
meman24's avatar
the gun was Tord's gift.

Mik-Trubia's avatar
Wow! Where can you get a flying car?! I want it!:D
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Hi Eddheads! I was wondering if you where interested in participating in my secret santa 2012 event? The more, the merrier! [link]
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I am sad to tell you but Edd passed away some time ago
DigitalPear's avatar
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Tord was my favorite, too. :<
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The freakin loading picture is epic awesomeness.
luftwaffle-ju87's avatar
tooncooro's avatar
wow z gear and tom's eyes...I LOVE IT XD
KynaApple's avatar
tom is pretty hot with eyes...
...and without!
billy87654321's avatar
yeah if he had eyes people well like him like tord
wendsaty17's avatar
I wish I had z gear.
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