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Space Face (complete)

Here it is, Space Face on Deviant Art. Sorry for the delay!
Enjoy! I'll be working on the next short now that the holidays are over. :)

, Paul

Opening Theme:
Theme song: [link]

Part 1:
written/produced by: [link]
co-animated by: [link]
music by: [link]
sound by: [link]
additional backgrounds by: [link]
orchestra intro by: [link]

Part 2:
written/produced by: [link]
animated by: [link]
music by: [link]
sound by: [link]
backgrounds by: [link]
additional colouring by: [link]

Tim Hautekiet (Edd): [link]
Matt Hargreaves (Matt): [link]
Jamie Spicer Lewis (Commander Bai): [link]
Eddie Bowley (The Pilot): [link]
Jonathan Gran (The Sun Chaser): [link]
Jack and Dean (The Complimentary Aliens): [link]

Special thanks to Pearl 'iamprikle' Zhang for helping me with the final video editing.

A special thanks to the Eddsworld: Legacy donators who made the continuation of this show possible!
All profits from Eddsworld will go to charity. Buy t-shirts and hoodies here! [link]
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I didn't know Edd uploaded the actual episodes on here! I thought he just uploaded comics.(I know he's gone but I'm really talking about older episodes)

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04:58 the reason why Edd has a higher pitched voice in legacy- he got shot with the voice changer.
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alguien mas noto la cabeza de bender? :V
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his head on the glass makes a square LOL
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the gun from WTFuture
FnafKingOfCre's avatar
oveeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr 9 000.....and 1
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ingoobelyblench.....what hahaha i love it
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Rip Edd... We Will All Miss YouPanda Emoji-23 (Cry) [V2] 
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Wait why was the button on the trash ejector side and not the other side where the Edd trio were standing?
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Animation Change.
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The Gun names thou. XD
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