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EWCOMIC No. 256 - New Bass

When the Bass drops you...

This comic was written and illustrated by Tobias Knitt…

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Top anime betrayals

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Susan will come back to you. But im not sure lol XD
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aw screw you susan...
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This is hilarious
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whole lotta memories...

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this is the kind of "blow air through your nose" humor
this would never make me laugh

the only thing impossible in this world is making eddsworld comics funny, thats probably why they stopped making them
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I agree. The Classic stuff is funny.
It's Legacy that makes me stare at my screen for a moment like "a-am I... am I supposed to laugh at this...?"

I know for a fact there were only three Legacy episodes I enjoyed for more than "hehe this sucks lol". They are PowerEdd, Saloonatics, and Mirror Mirror.
I've actually watched the other Legacy episodes, and I'll admit, I snickered a bit, but only when it was actually funny. Which, with Legacy was next to impossible to find moments like that, but I managed.

It's actually really unfortunate how this fanbase will try to attack you like a rabid dog with weak teeth for saying this though.
Incoming "bUt YoU jUsT dOn'T gEt ThE hUmOuR! yOu DoN't LiKe EdDsWoRlD tHaT's WhY!" comments my way, I'd bet.

And before anyone tries to say Legacy was good and I'm the unfunny one, it sucked in my opinion, and I have a whole .txt file of why, if you'd like to read it.
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finally someone with a brain
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If nobody here besides you and I have brains, how did they think to post the comments they posted? Ya kinda need a brain for that, silly! :3
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youre obviously using too much of your brain stop
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i mean it may not be funny to some people but again, nobody asked in the first place.
i'm not a big fan of eddsworld honestly, but reading this and how this guy reacted to comments was horrendous. 
also the amount of disrespect this guy is giving off. "only thing impossible in this world is making eddsworld comics funny" isn't honestly needed around here, who wants to see that?
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