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EWCOMIC No. 248 - Countdown



This comic was written and illustrated by Matt Hargreaves


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Plus, I think he uploaded all four comics on the same day...So I completely understand why he would copy the panels. 
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Ok then, Matt.
That’s a bit random-

But at least 2018 is here XD
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I really don't like when things like this take the spotlight on the "What's Hot" Section for no other reason than the popularity of the poster... It takes away from the people who's work deserves to be noticed
PhoenixFlame77's avatar
I agree with that and that's how I found this and I thought wow this is going to be great but no
ImSmaher's avatar
It doesn't take away shit. It's just one or a few posters. And it's not like people don't like the ones that show up. The point of the "What's Hot" page is to show "what's hot". This is "hot". And you don't determine what deserves to be noticed.
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it's because its the final countdown, dipshit.
nothin to be serious about
Yonoko-Chan's avatar
wow? so you made an excuse? even lazier. You are terrible.
SeptemberHaper's avatar
*cough cough* hearing that from a girl who traces art
Yonoko-Chan's avatar
i dont trace art
SeptemberHaper's avatar
Yonoko-Chan's avatar
its true, i dont steal
SeptemberHaper's avatar
SeptemberHaper's avatar
Thanks alot Al emotion - Middle Finger Tongue Out Al emotion - Middle Finger Tongue Out 
cutemlplovergaming's avatar
dude, are you even old enough to be on DA?? Lol?? How old are you tho
Shoclu's avatar
You are a bad troll.
You dont sound serious and you arent funny.
Yonoko-Chan's avatar dont take critism. fucking lazy.
SeptemberHaper's avatar
Lmfao, who tf hurt this child???
garageguy's avatar
Somebody's gonna get punched in the face...
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