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If your still interested in them check me out on wattpad by EDDMSPY and fanfiction by EDDM.

I thought there wasn't a point of submitting them here if nobody even comments.
"So the paladin blade, the anaconda blade. Where are they?" Said Yuya rubbing her fingers on her muzzle mask. Teitoku had no room for words nor a clear explanation.

"You don't have it?!" Yelled Hihiokuto.

"The anaconda blade was your responsibility." Choro Tai claimed. 

"Jathibiya was there as well!" Teitoku admitted.

"Jathibiya?" Said Choro Tai.

"Hmpt, That snake?!" Laughed Suzu.

"Ooohh." Yuya threw her legs off her bed and traipse to Teitoku. "Anything else you want to tell me!?"

Teitoku went to his knees bowing for mercy. "He has gone in hiding and has the blade. Forgive me."

"Shhhhhh!" Yuya smiled. "We can fix this, can we?" She looked to her other generals, when her tongue slowly dropped out of her muzzle mouth. The slime dribbled. "You got nothing, I see."

"Yes I do." Suzu raised her hand.

In came a four armed creature with orange eyeballs on its stomach. It's neck was filled with thousand of shanks wrapping around its throat.

"Well Well, who is this?" Yuya circled the creature, sliding her arms on its shoulders.

"Vicitra." Said Suzu.

"Yawo!" Cower the creature.

"What's he suppose to do about getting the blades?" Asked Hihiokuto.

"Forget about the blades. What's your skill Vicitra?" Questioned Yuya.

Vicitra was silent.

"He not much of talker, Queen Yuya." Suzu said softly.

"Oh really? Well then Suzu, you are going with him to the shoal of the earth. We can worry about the blades later." Yuya drift her fingers down her tongue which was hanging down her muzzle. "Let's see if you are deadly as you are silent."


Grey Clouds covered the sky. Rain poured through out Japan. However the odds of going home were out of the question for Greg. Finding out about the death of his father had weighed him down. It came so soon, he talked to his father a couple of weeks ago when they first met Vincent.

Once he found out the news he went straight to his native country-India, only to see his father burnt to ashes. When he went home he found the basement door blasted open and a hidden vault that was also blow to pieces and what ever was inside was now gone. However just in the volt was a scroll hidden in the cracks of the wall. Greg couldn't read the ancient Chinese language.

Usually you'll see him enjoying himself at a lounge or party but now he just sat at the bar table in despair. He didn't tell Shayanne or the other rangers of his troubles.  Greg just continued to stare at the small scroll he found his parents home.

"What's That?" The bartender asked from behind the table.

"Oh it's nothing." Greg looked to the bartender and quickly sliding the scroll back in his pocket. He then began to stare into his hands on the table-leery.

"What's wrong Greg? You're never this down at a fun time like this." Said the male bartender.

"It's personal issues that's all."

"Cheer up. How about a malt?"

Greg chuckled, "Thanks, but no thanks."

"A soda pop then." The bartender handed the drink to Greg. "What's wrong seriously?"

"Nothing I'm fine really." Greg sighed and then pushed himself up, off his seat with the soda can in hand.

"Where are you going?"

"To clear my head. Well talk later." Greg then threw the bartender a 100 dollar tip.


"This is what you wanted right?" Suzu stood next to Vicitra as they waited patiently in an alley a crossed the street from an overcrowded pub. "But remember you are not leaving empty handed, Yuya can't have all the prizes- like souls. Yuck." Suzu cringed.

"Yawo!" Vicitra step forward but was pulled back by Suzu.


Vicitra was confused.

"That Blight." Said Suzu with golden chains hanging down her neck.The pub was the same pub the Black Slayer Ranger exited from. If they attacked now the Black hunter would ruin everything. Suzu especially wanted the values of the human's that were in that pub. Instead of striking right away she had a plan B.

"Now you will do as I say. If you want your uncle to live." Suzu told a female shadow popping out of the night.

Greg struggled to opened the door to his convertible. When he finally open it he realized he could have just jumped into his car since he left  the roof panel wide open. He slid in the driver sit, not able to think properly as he turn the key of the ignition.

"Sir, Sir. Please help me."

Greg looked behind his door to a brunette tan skinned woman; in her early twenties. She gander at him with fear.

"Sir? Me?" He shied.

"Yes you. Who else do you think I'm talking to, Sir." The woman interjected.

"Uh. Whats wrong?" Greg cringed mainly at the part of him being called Sir. He's not that old.

"There are children being attacked by a 6 legged creature and I can't do anything to help them!" The woman cried.

"Okay, okay calm down. Show me where they are." Greg placed his hand on her shoulder.She nodded and led him 5 blocks away from the pub. The area was infested with heaps of manes, scattered across the ground.

"What is this?" Greg told himself as he pulled out his communicator to contact the other rangers. Until the woman snatched the device in pry-out of his hand and ran off.

"Hey!!" He shouted to the woman.

"Yawo!!" Vicitra neck blades began to spin as he charged for Greg.

"Komodo Kin! Release the Hunter within!" Greg somersaulted out of the way. With Vicitra's other arms he quickly grabbed Greg's leg, pulling him to the floor and went down to bite Greg whom kicked Vicitra away.

Vicitra suddenly vanished as the Black ranger had rolled up pulling out his rifle, until behind him the bodies that surrounded the area arose. The human's were possesses with bite marks all over their body.

"What's going on?" Greg wonder when three possessed human ambushed him. He threw one human off his arms as he dodge the rest. There was no way of him contacting the other rangers after that mysterious lady stole his communicator. If he wasn't so down in the dumps he wouldn't have felt for this trap.He couldn't shoot the possessed humans, so what was he to do now?

"Black Hunter." Greg heard behind his back.

Unexpectedly Suzu placed her hand on his helmet causing him to freeze and go numb. The effect was so powerful that he demorphed.

"What's this?" Suzu looked to the ground to see the small scroll Greg held onto, she picked it up wondering what it was. Greg forced him self the best he could, gripping the scroll from Suzu's hands. Placing it away from Suzu's reach.

Vicitra then suddenly came out of the shadows with his razors now covering his face he chaw Greg's arm. Greg dropped like an iron fist as his skin began to boil, he jerked back an fort until he passed out. Suzu placed her fingers on Greg's throat checking his pulse. She laughed gracefully when there was no blood circulation. "Imbecile!Let's go Vicitra."

While Suzu and Vicitra walked away the young woman from before walked up to Greg and inject a liquid substance right into the bite using a small stiletto blade, when Suzu grabbed her by hair.

"Don't think I forgot about you." Suzu then threw the woman on the floor by her hair, and walked off. Luckily the brunette lady hid the substance blade she inject into Greg, before Suzu could even noticed. She soon got to her feet and followed Suzu and Vicitra.

Suzu then stopped and walked back to Greg, remember he had the other piece of the scroll she held in her hand, but before she could retrieve it the Komodo Zord charge in causing Suzu to retreat with Vicitra and the woman.


It was easy to get the tiger zord under Kenji's control by releasing the blade from the bridge of the zord's nose: How? Shayanne's Xerox blade. She didn't know that Kenji had snagged the blade away just when the Torazord went out of control. The Xerox blade also has the power to copy an individual powers, so it helped him double his wolf powers to take control of the zord. But what was bothering him by the fact of who possessed the zord in the first place.

Teitoku couldn't have and neither could Yuya nor Dewei Shi. There was only person he knew that could have consumed the zord, but he hasn't seen that person since the accident with Dewei Shi years ago. He didn't know if the person had turned on him too that day.

"What is it Kenji?" Question Master Katsu in spiritual form-standing next to him.

"It was her. She did it to the zord."

"They are still alive, it seems."

"Of course they are, she cursed the Tora zord as a warning, she's done it before."

"Kenji-San." Emi said skipping in to the temple's training grounds, smiling bright-interrupting Kenji and Master Katsu. Master Katsu then vanished into thin air leaving Emi and Kenji alone.

"What?" Said Kenji looking to his tiger zord.

"Nothing, I'm just glad you are well now." She smiled. She smiled so brightly that it made Kenji blush. She was so adorable when she was happy but it felt unusual to him. "Stop it."

"Gomen." (I'm sorry.)

He rolled his eyes, "It's alright."

"How are you feeling anyways?" She looked at him with her cute bubbly eyes.

"I said stop doing that, and I'm fine alright. What's the real reason you came here?"

"Sorry." She turned away from him as her eyebrows dropped. Kenji rolled his eyes and smiled, turning her back to look at him.

"Look." He bent down to one knee. "All that matters is that you are doing well. Don't worry about me."

But she was still quite sad with her head still positioning low.

"Hey," Kenji lifted her head with his finger. "Really stop that, okay."

Emi expressed tenderness hugging Kenji, which surprised him. "I care about you Kenji-San. You're the only one that's been there for me, I don't want to lose you."

He began to remember the early days of his life. Before the betrayal before the Gen En jutai. He had separated  himself from his family and Emi was the one of the last resources of family he had at the moment-a younger sister to him. A sister?

"Me too Emi." He pulled her off gently, still on his knee.

"Ummm Kenji-San I don't mean to sound anxious but when will I have my next martial arts lesson?"

"I completely forgot. I'll talk to Master Hitomi, she should be able to help you out there. Sorry, you know I haven't had much time on my hands like before."

"It's okay Kenji-San I like master Hitomi." She smiled, "but may I ask you one more question?"


"Please don't be mad."

"Why are you so eager to learn Japanese? We're not going to need it anytime soon?" Joseph snap a photo of Shayanne as she sat in the huge research quarters.

"We're not the original descendants of the slayer powers remember? We gotta learn as much as we can."

"But Japanese? Just let Kenji doing all the talking."

"Oho no. How will I be able to defend myself when..."

Kenji then came barging in the temple's research quarters with Emi right behind him. She was speaking to him in Japanese at low key. He stormed to the book shelves as he spoke to her in Japanese very vex. He turned to her and then said in English, "Enough! Go play already."

"But Kenji-San." Emi turned to the exit with her head down and left.

"Que paso?" (What happened?) Vincent said to Emi whom was walking past him.

"Now you see why I must learn. And anyways you lazy bum, you should be studying too." Said Shayanne, going back to her studies. She then looked up to Kenji who had made his way to the bookshelves that stood in front of her and smiled, Kinda cute' Shayanne thought. 'Kenji speaking in his native language'.

"Speaking of which," Joseph sat near Shayanne and took out his camera. "It's been too long and the Internet show is curious. Now, when will they know about....Ow!" Joseph's cheek felt like a race car was pulling it at 300 miles per hour, Shayanne pitched it as hard as she could.

"You're getting on my last nerves." She pulled her hand away from his cheek and rolled her eyes.

"Ouch..You're evil." Joseph rubbed his cheek rising from his sit and walked towards Kenji near the bookshelves.

"Aye. Why the fighting?" Questioned Vincent stuffing his mouth with a banana that Emi had left for them in the quarters. Kenji did not answer Vincent but only pulled out a scroll from between the books and set it into his hands.

"What's that?" Joseph inquired  Kenji.

"Oh this. Maybe the next object I'm going to stick down your throat." Kenji smiled.

"What is wrong with you ruthless people?"

"Anyways, I have something to show you all."

Kenji slammed the scroll right on top of Shayanne's languages books and open it wide. Imprinted in the scroll was a massive boa connected to blade that resembled a bit of the morphers that belong to the Rangers.

"What is that?" Vincent asked with his mouth stuff with fruits.

"The origin of the Paladin Blade. Which was once a solitude until it was connected to the greatest stealth predator of all time the Anaconda. The anaconda blade once belong to the Gene Ei Jutai." Said Master Katsu.

"What's the big deal about it?" Questioned Joseph.

"When cohere with the paladin blade it will give anyone the same power as your ranger powers." Said Master Hitomi.

"We will have to find it first before the Gene Jutai regain their Anaconda Blade." Replied Master Katsu.

The Rangers began to think until Greg showed up, completely daze. He couldn't walked straight with dust covering his body.

"Someone drank too much?" Said Vincent.

"No he comes home like that after a party because of the adrenaline." Shayanne then noticed the can of soda in Greg's hand as he threw himself on the chair- next to her.

"Unless some one gave him a special treat?" Suggested Shayanne.

"Woo! What are guys up too? Wait before you all answer, you need to come to the party tonight. It's a continuation of last nights party ."

The Rangers commence to stare at the buzz Greg when he suddenly fell to his knees landing face forward on the floor.

"Greg!!!!" Shayanne screamed as she rounded the table to Greg.

"Geez." Said Joseph.

"Are you sure it wasn't alcohol that got him like this?" Questioned Vincent.


For some odd reason Kenji actually believe Shayanne, so he called Michi into the room."What happened to Greg!" Michi baffled.

"No big deal." Joseph laughed with his camera recording in hand, "He's just drunk."

"No Greg doesn't drink!" Shayanne shouted.

"Then how do you explain this?"

"Cat! See if there's anything contaminated in this drink," Kenji said softly.

"Ahhh. Again, okay." Michi placed his paws on top of the can and took a sip. The taste was regular soda, nothing out of the ordinary. "Oh no."

"What is it?" Asked Vincent.

"It's really high in sugar. To much for a man of his age." Joked Michi.

"Cat, I didn't say drink it." Kenji said annoyed.

"How about check the rim of the can?" Suggested Vincent.

"I know that." Michi hissed.

"What's that on his arm?" Joseph noticed the purple wounded resting on Greg's muscular bicep. Shayanne slowly lifted his sleeve as Michi came closer and took a sniff of the wound.

"Wait a minute where's his communicator?" Questioned Shayanne as she searched through his pockets.

"What's this?" Vincent noticed the pale piece of paper sticking out of Greg's pocket. He pulled it out slowly when Kenji came around and snag it out of his hand.

When he opened the scroll it was half of a whole. Unreadable to his eyes.


Greg was unconscious for the remaining of the day. Now in his room he gradually began to open his eyes.

"What happened, Greg?"

"Whoa!" Greg alertly opened his eyes and jumped back from his bed . Kenji, Joseph and Vincent then slowly opened his door walking into his room. But what made him jumped was Shayanne standing next to his bed with her arms crossed.


They all gathered in the Research quarters as Greg began to explain.

"Okay guys please keep the noise down, I have a headache." Greg gagged and held his hand on his head. Wincing at the pain in his neck.

"Greg What happened? Were you drinking?" Shayanne demanded.

"Noo. Or maybe I was after being called Sir. Do I look old to you guys?"

Vincent Chuckled, "Un Poco." (A little bit)

"Ahh!" Greg whined sliding his arms on the table tops, when he began to have pain in his head again.

"Greg I'm serious. If you were drinking I'm going to hurt you."

"I said No. Ow." Greg placed his fingers on his forehead.

"Where's your communicator?" Asked Joseph.

"The old timer lost it in a battle with a schoolgirl." Laughed Master Minori.

"Oh so you were watching that whole time and didn't think of contacting the others for me when I was being attacked by zombies." Greg moaned.

"We are not responsible for your actions, mister!"

"What? What girl?" Question Joseph.

"Zombies?" Asked Vincent.

"Yeah. Just a few weeks ago my father passed away." Greg added.

"What? Mr Verma is dead?" Shayanne Yelped.

"Its okay he's resting." He tried to remain strong. "But when made matters worst was yesterday, a girl alittle older than Kenji's was seeking help when I was just leaving the lounge."

"You were at a party?! When you're suppose to be mourning?!" Yelled Shayanne as she closed in on Greg.

"Calm down." Greg smiled in protest gently pushing her back.

"If you weren't drunk, where did the soda come from?" Joseph spat in.

Greg puckered his lips and narrowed his eyes. "Like I'm suppose to know. Okay enough questions for one moment. My head is killing me."

"Hangover much." Joked Vincent.

"And the bite mark on your arm?" Kenji pointed out.

"Oh, right. When I was going to contact you all, after seeing lifeless bodies scatter around the streets she snatched my Communicator."

"Losing your vision huh?" Joked Joseph.

"I'm not old. I was goose. But then a Gen Ei Jutai appeared and so did Suzu. That Gen Ei Jutai bit me right on the arm."

Michi climbed up onto of the table. "From what I smelled your arm was inject with some sort of antidote." Michi Meowed.

"That lady." Greg agreed. "She has my communicator. Can we track her?"

"Easy." Michi jumped off the table. His eyes rolled back and fort when they finally stopped and turning sliver. "It's in a place called the Toranomon Hills." Toranomon Hills was a newly constructed building in Tokyo Japan.


It's been giving me a headache rewriting it and all. So far I added two new characters lol and changed how the story flows a bit. You might see some things the same but something different. I hope it doesn't confuse you. 
I so glad everyone is enjoying my fanfic of Power Rangers Slayer. 

Which is why I am going to have Ancient Age off deviantart, fanfiction and so on. It does need improvement. And when it's fixed it will be back on 
I so glad everyone is enjoying my fanfic of Power Rangers Slayer. 

Which is why I am going to have Ancient Age off deviantart, fanfiction and so on. It does need improvement. And when it's fixed it will be back on 
From redrawing every thing I was getting overwhelmed. It took long after one strip, and then a couple of people I know, viewed what ive drawn and they told me to please keep on lol I can't wait until I post up the episodes in comic form. Maybe it'll give you all a better understanding, and maybe more watcher Lolol
I've been improving greatly on my writing, so for the past episode of the Power Rangers Ancient Age, I will be either rewriting what I have or making the series more enjoyable for readers. Sorry if a couple of you guys that actually reread my series get confused when you discover something new in an episode or because of my errors. The grammar errors are all going away soon, so expect some updates :) 
Well this will be my first time writing this lol for the power ranger fans I'll be posting two new chapters tonight :) as for the Connor fans he'll be up as well maybe another photo with his son from the fan fiction Paradox rising, who knows :)