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Ink, marker and pastel on bristol

A portrait of NASA's Spirit Mars rover.

I've always meant to do an Opportunity one too but I just never seem to get around to it. She is still roaming around up there. Better late then never I guess.
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Can you do one where spirit is stuck?stuck Stuck stuck stuck Stuck stuck Stuck stuck Stuck
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it's like a lot of people said before. i like your style.

it's like a lot of people haven't said before... i think this is the style i should be drawing in.

i feel uncomfortable drawing realistically. maybe i'll try like yours.
thanks for the inspiration :D
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Honestly, like with any artist, the best style for you to draw in is your own. No one can draw your own stuff as well as you can so why draw like some one else?
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it's not so much drawing like you.
Marilyn Manson said something smart.
"Nothing new is being created anymore. all you can do is take what already exists, and make it your own."
so... take inspiration from the form of other artists...
add in my own special quirks...
when it's unique to me
it's my own.
so really, i'm just trying to take inspiration from you.
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Clever concept, very cute too.
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I really REALLY like this- especially after having read some of those LJ
entries and some stuff on the rovers..
I knew a little about them..but not nearly enough. :D

Spirit is stuck! :( did you read about it?
I think I remember reading about the loss of ability to
use one of the wheels back when it happened...
poor Spirit.
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wicked awesome :wo:
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