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Scootaloo 10 in 20

By EddiePerkins
Ah, Scootaloo. 10% cooler in 20 seconds flat.

Photoshop coloring of a pencil sketch.

Now, you can get this on a t-shirt here: [link] Part of the profits will go toward buying My Little Pony toys for children's charities.

Apple Bloom is here: [link]

Sweetie Belle is here: [link]
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Her face is adorable!
frenchifries's avatar
Don't worry, Scoots. You'll get there eventually.
13light's avatar
I love the style of this. Cute. :)
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DreadPirateMe's avatar
Now that is a really brilliant twist on both memes! Nicely done!
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i realy like you design for scootaloo. It realy adds a whole lot of feeling to it.
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I saw your design again on some shirts on Atomic Panda. I think I might just get one to go with my Rainbow Dash shirt...
EddiePerkins's avatar
Awesome! I'm hoping to have at least one of the other CMC's up on my shirt store today. Hopefully both. If you do get one please tell me how it looks or send me a pic. Being out of work I can't afford to buy one for myself.
hamsterdoom360's avatar
You can't afford to buy a shirt with YOUR design on it? O_o
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I lost my job. I can barely afford rent. No way I can buy shirts at the moment. Actually, I might not make rent if I can't get more commissions by the end of the month.
hamsterdoom360's avatar
Do you get any of the proceeds from the shirt sales?
EddiePerkins's avatar
A couple bucks a shirt. Not much.
hamsterdoom360's avatar
I guess I have even more incentive now. Where'd I put that link...
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And then the whole world went "d'awwwwwwwwww" while looking into this little ponies eyes :>

But seriously, these eyes... Those eyesssssssss!
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Then my work is done.
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Thats just adorable. :)
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sooo cuutteee
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