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Knives Chau, Intervention

By EddiePerkins
Poor Knives. Be it love or addiction, it hurts not getting your fix.

Marker, color pencil, acrylic paint, white charcoal pencil, and silver ink on some sort of crappy recycled chipboard card stock. 8.5 X 11 inches.

Sort of a follow-up, title-wise at least, to my Knives Chau, Scottaholic pic. It's old and terrible so, no link for you.

Knives belongs to Brian Lee O'Malley. If you haven't read his Scott Pilgrim series, I'm glad I'm not you.
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© 2010 - 2021 EddiePerkins
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Knives Chau: I'm not an addict, unlike SOME people I now live with...

Suika Ibuki: What? *takes a swig from her sake jug* It's not an addiction! *takes a swig from her sake jug* I can quit any time I want! *takes a swig from her sake jug* You or EddiePerkins have no right to judge me! *takes a swig from her sake jug* BURP!

Emi (eating a box of donuts): *om nom nom* Damn right! *om nom nom* They have no right to judge us! *om nom nom* You tell them, Suika! *om nom nom* Some people just don't understand us! *om nom nom* BURP!
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oh Knives..there isn't enough Knives love out there..I don't swing that way but I still have a big crush on Knives..not fatty Ramona

this is just do some fantastic expressions..and I know this sounds weird..but I like her head and neck shape..the rest too..but mainly head and neck.
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Yeah, I don't get why there isn't more Knives.

Thanks for nice words. Sure is better to be complimented about the head and neck than beaten about them.
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Knives is cool but I think her Dad is on a level of his own. [link]
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Posting the same comment on every image of Knives on DA. Wow, very classy. Spam reported.
Yeah, Scott was a bit of a jerk when they broke up, I mean, a CD Shop, really?
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Could have been by text, I guess. But, he'd probably have had to borrow Wallace's phone for that.
ARC-1138's avatar Just wow.
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