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Manga/Clip Studio Brushes

Brushes that I've made for Manga/Clip Studio.

Square: One favorite brushes, nothing crazy simple square alpha that blends.

Square 2: Same as above just has random rotate for texture variation. 

Outliner: Another favorite. I use it to sketch for edging when I paint my textures. When I made it I tried mimicking a ball point pen, the first dab is heavy and larger than the rest of the stroke.

PhotoshopMimic: I use this when I get lazy and don't want to export to Photoshop. Try it with "mix ground color" on or off, feels a little different both ways. Shouldn't blend much if at all.

Soft: Standard soft brush with some blending.

Glow: Tried mimicking painter glow brush. 

Scratchboard: Tried mimicking the same brush from painter. Similar to the knife brush I had before, it is a palette knife but harsher.

Thickthin: Tried mimicking the same brush from painter. Softer Palette knife.

Chalk 1 &2: Tried mimicking some of the chalk brushes from painter. 

Smoke: Feels like smoke, a bit wispy.

Dust: Used for texture detail.
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Hi Eddie! I've used and referenced your pretty chalks in my new video, thx again for sharing :D

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Thank you so much for your fantastic brushes! I love the style <3

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Hello~! I tried to download your brushes but they aren't working I'm not certain whats wrong i really like your art and would love to use your brushes:giggle:

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Man, your Photoshop mimic brush is my savior! ♥ Tons of love to you for it!
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aw man the download link doesn't work again
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Thank you so much! I love Outliner! ;)
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Its one of my favorites :)
I downloaded them but I can't get them to show up in my downloads in the program.
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These brushes are amazing! Thanks a lot for making them!
Are these no longer available for download?
EddieMunoz's avatar
Still not working?
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I'll never be able to escape those names!
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these look nice but it seems that the download does not work
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I just tried it, the download should work. If there is an issue its on DA's side. 
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i love the scratch board brush! 
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thanks a lot, man!
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I very like your brush thanks for share your work !
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