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The Force is Strong with me

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Loving The Mandalorian so far and this little Yoda lookalike was too cute not to draw. :)
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SuperMarioFan65Student Digital Artist
The Force is in you.
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PantologistProfessional General Artist

i was 19 months old when a car ran over me. Maybe I was born with the Force since I'm still alive at 47.

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BlueberriexStudent Interface Designer


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shunter071Hobbyist General Artist


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SO CUTE Excited Rainbow Dash large chat emote

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VMJML1er General Artist
Yoda Jr or Yoda II
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wow he looked old even as a baby.

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Yoda Jr is strong with the Force
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sitang15Student Digital Artist

Baby Yoda looks so cute.:)

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EddieHollyProfessional General Artist


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nymeriadireStudent Traditional Artist
Awww!!! So adorably cute and outstanding!!! :heart:
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AK-Is-HarmlessHobbyist Traditional Artist
This is awesome. :D

My kids and I have been calling him "Jeff." ;)

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Kudos707Hobbyist Digital Artist
Baby Yoda I am. Give me fresh milk you must.
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hooksnfangsHobbyist Digital Artist
The Merchandise will be strong with this one!
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EddieHollyProfessional General Artist

Lol Yep!

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Yoda is always like "defeat me You cannot!"
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I doth be looking forward to finally see this, especially now if this beeth in store, well done!
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LoungieMuHobbyist Traditional Artist
I love it! So cute!
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Thank you. I'm so tired of hearing "Baby Yoda" Yoda's a force ghost by the time of The Mandolorian.I don't believe it's Yoda and Yaddles kid born from an egg after a long incubation but you never know.
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vidgamer123Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well I mean... we have no idea what Yoda's species is called, so it's just easier to call it a Baby Yoda.
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Fair enough.It's a knee jerk reaction on my part. I was hit with several FB friends wanting to show me "Baby Yoda" before I saw The Mandalorian spoiling the 'reveal' for me and then when I mention that Yoda was dead and a force ghost by the Mandalorians time frame I'm told "How can that be since there's baby Yoda right there?!"
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Awesomely beautiful 
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janimutikainenHobbyist Traditional Artist
To me it's best Star Wars since original trilogy. Hope they keep quality up.

Very nice drawing.
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