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Suicide Squad - Harley Quinn

Here's my take on Margot Robbie's Harley from Suicide Squad.

Another Harley
Lucky You - Harley Quinn by EddieHolly
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Love the Batman animated style! used on her modern outfit... still like the original outfit best.

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While I like the original Harley the best, I really do like the Suicide Squad movie look of hers!Nod and you did a really great job with this!
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Thank you! :) The design grew on me over time
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Your welcome! And yeah kinda the same for me too.:) (Smile) 
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She looks like from BTAS!😜😱😍
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She will make you BEG for permission to look at her (well, if you want to, of course)...
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I really like how you portray Harley here. I've read other comments posted here and I agree. This Harley has a gorgeous body that also looks for real. Also love your use of color, especially how you put the background and Harley together. Clap 
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Thank you. Gave her a lil bit of curves in some areas ;)
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Awesome artwork! :D
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Beautiful and dangerous!

All the best,

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Haha I love her expression! awesome!!
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I particularly like the saying on her chest!  :slow:
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Ok, I am going to be honest. I've been a huge fan of this drawing since I first saw it (I saw it on an instagram post) and why?
I am a big fan of comics and it bothers me when some artists make their charachers with a "perfect" body structure (big tatas, big bom bom and a tiny tiny waist) specially when the characters are supose to look like "ordinary" people (like Harley). I know that the are all supose to be "super" and incredibly fit, but i fell like doing a style of drawing like yours once in a while would be just as great. And I gotta say that this drawing of yours inspires me a lot because for the first time I can relate totally to a character that i loove and not fell self conscious about my body.
Your drawing is completly gorgeous and inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing it with the world and i hope you keep on doing more like this.(sorry if it was a little bit long and confusing but I really wanted to express how much I admire you as an artist)
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I'm glad you like this piece. I do get criticized for drawing girls too 'thick', but i truly love a woman with some thickness and a curvy soft belly. :)
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Amen to that :D I dunno why people give you flak for drawing women in a more realistic fashion, but personally I love your style (and women on the thicker side)!
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It's these types of comments that make the comments section worthwhile.
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I absolutely love it! I love how you didn't make her waist too tiny and it's absolutely adorable and i'm fangirling over it. :happybounce:
Would you mind if i share this on Tumblr? It automatically gives you credit of course. wink grin 
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