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Gorillaz on Abbey Road

Had an itch to do up another Gorillaz Fan Art. :)

Gorillaz on Abbey Road - Lines by EddieHolly

My Other Gorillaz Art
Gorillaz by EddieHollyNoodle - Gorillaz by EddieHollyHappy Noodle by EddieHolly
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© 2012 - 2021 EddieHolly
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My gosh this is a true masterpiece! I love the Beatles and I like gorillaz.

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The only thing i like about this picture is that Noodle is in it.

She's the only member of the Gorillaz that i like.

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Noodle's legs look so sexy in those long socks.

She is a child tho...

Dronkey64's avatar

Well I mean irl she's an adult. So...

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have this one as a poster in my bedroom! ;) love it.
EddieHolly's avatar
I bet it's bootlegged lol 
MorganTK's avatar
probs, lol. still really good though!
PikachuYoshiPines164's avatar
If this were an actual poster, I'd buy it, even though I have the original Abbey Road poster.
EddieHolly's avatar
You can get it in different sizes here.…
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I came across this on amazon, they are selling this as a poster…
Animaster888's avatar
ive seen people selling this as a poster on ebay
EddieHolly's avatar
If you can help report them for me, that would be greatly appreciated. :)
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I see that. Bootleggers a plenty
ZiMAGOTCHI's avatar
This looks amazing!
CaptainElsa's avatar
cool! I like how you made the background really old looking. I like how you drew everyone :)
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