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Girls Generation Lines

Ever since i watched one of their Music Videos, I've been a Big Fan of the Korean Pop group, Girls Generation.
So I decided to take a crack at drawing all 9 of them in one Banner. :)

(Colored version)

Links to some of their music videos

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I love Hyoyeon and Sooyoung in this banner :D
TaliShemes's avatar
AnimeLover981's avatar
I now love you forever!
AnimeKoneko242's avatar
Great drawing. Looks just like them. ^^ They're very pre-/teen pop. Cute videos though. Love the choreography.
akumaexorcistlover22's avatar
Great drawing! you are really good! I am not good at drawing more than one person at a time.
6a40angel's avatar
wonderful! Soshi the best!
Cometstarz's avatar
This is awesome!! Thank you for this, because I searched them too and they're really good!! I just wish it was in english!! :P
Mediocre-Mel's avatar
I like your art style!
squeegool's avatar
wow!!! this is very nice!!! like it! ^^
audreyinparis's avatar
wow this is so good :w00t!: you captured sunny and sooyoung particularly well! <3
Kryione's avatar
they're wearing the same clothes.....
nice art though....and ya did this traditionally????:|
EddieHolly's avatar
Yes. They're wearing the same outfits from the OH Music Video.
Thanks. This was drawn using pencils. :)
Kryione's avatar
but its so.....neat......:O
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And now I have found another group with catchy music. :dance:
EddieHolly's avatar
Yea, It's Fun music and nice eye candy. :)
keyks554's avatar
woooooooooooooooooooooooo lov dem lov dis!!!!!!!!!!!!
rennsolarflare's avatar
woah! This is awesome! One can easily recognize each of them!

Added to my Faves because my brother likes them... hehehe.
NinjaEwaPeach's avatar
AWESOME! Just like them!!
quinqui's avatar
This is great!!! :wow: I think the way it is now it's ok! You don't need to colour, but it will not bad watching in colour, hehehehe XD
Anyway, congratulations, I love it! :love:
EddieHolly's avatar
Thanks! :)
I'm actually coloring this up right now.
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