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Artistic Gymnastics with Katelyn

By EddieHolly
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Been a Fan of Katelyn Ohashi ever since the video of her floor routine went viral. 
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wow.. great work

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Thick/curvy=amazing nice art!
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So cute. You've really captured her expressiveness and joy....
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Wait, isn't she Miss Booty Bounce Supreme?
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WOAHHHHHHHHHHHHH- damn! Love those thighs!
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I wouldn't have trusted ANY other artist to capture her the way that you did.
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Thanks for the compliment! :)

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Beautiful piece of art! Wow

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She jumps and moves like a ninja
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Thick legs, volumous booty and sexy feet. Yeah, she's a perfect athlete.
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She's perfect to me ;)
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Thighs that could crusheth a man's skull with ease!
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For some reason, that would be okay for some guys
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It doth be one of my preferred way to shuffle off this mortal coil. :D
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I don't judge, you die in your own way my dude. As well as live as you want to live
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I twas putting aside my mantle as a knight for a jester's. I hath no desire to get my skull crushethed by any means. ;)
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Then let me say this, every person has their own way dying, some good, some bad, and some...weird. But, it is their way, and I respect that. Clap 

If you'll excuse me, I have to dive in world of the DA.Swordless Dark Link Be safe my friend 
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As a woman with legs like that, thank you for making us beautiful!
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Glad you like it! Legs like these are a Beautiful thing. :)

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