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I'm excitedly waiting on the new Avengers movie. :)

THANOS - Infinity Gauntlet by EddieHolly
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I love the feel to this. Great coloring job, to say the least. The coloring and smoothness ratio is perfect.
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Welcome, soldier! =P
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That's epic! Well done mate.
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There are certainly no strings on him. ;)
Great artwork! you should make one of Loki in the same manner with the quote: "YOU WERE MADE TO BE RULED" that way you'd have the trio!
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super awesome work!! :eyepopping:
could you please do me a favor and take a look on that one its not finished yet
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It is absolutely fantastic! I found this online a while ago and did not realize this was fan art. I did a painting of this, I can destroy it if you would like.
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Menacing and haunting! What a villain and his name is ULTRON!!!
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How detailed that is, Eddie!

Happy Easter season,

Super excited for this. this is going to be most magnificent upcoming movie, can't wait to see this one.. My first love Marvel.
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"I'm gonna show you something beautiful. Everyone screaming for mercy."
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And this is Tony Stark fault again. I mean seriously, this, underestimating AIM, Ultron, what's he going to do to Banner/Hulk, Civil War. It's like Tony Stark is one walking bad decision maker.
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I think that Ultron is the AI of Tony Stark's old lab. After his house got demolished and he decided to give up on the Iron Man thing, the main AI of his lab didn't agree with that. Then it went rogue, went insane, uploaded itself into an Iron Man body, started replicating itself, and became Ultron.
Actually Tony doesn't give up on him being IronMan, just "cutting it down" a bit. Also some speculated that since SHIELD was in a mess, Tony made an army of robots to help the Avengers to round up HYDRA operatives and secret bases. The problem is the AI was the robot assistance (not JARVIS, the other robot assistance that got destroyed but salvaged during the ending of IM3) and it probably start to evolve more and more and reaching singularity, thus creating ULTRON. Since it consider humanity as the root of all problems it decided that ruling them is better because AI is more systematic and structured.
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Oh, interesting theory.

I saw one scene of Ultron possessing a bulky Iron Man suit and Hulk fighting against it, which is what led me to believe that theory.
Oh the Hulk Buster? It's not posessed by Ultron. In the book it's actually part of the "contingency plan" when Hulk go out of control. Stark build that thing for one purpose only: To stop Hulk. In the book Stark ended up launching Hulk to space and he landed on another planet. Some speculate that this is when Guardian of the Galaxy will meet the Avengers.
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I see. We'll we will just have to wait and see. Thank for clarifying what that was though.

Seeing Hulk meet up with Rocket Raccoon and Groot would be awesome.
Or they use the World War Hulk storyline. That is he's going back as a king with an army of angry aliens 
hey, may i use this artwork for a project im doing at school?
i'll definitely credit it :)

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