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concept for a personal dieselpunk project
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The ambience and all the huge ammount of details is extremeley amazing. Very well done! Headbang Emoticon

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Beautifui work!

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Love this ! Creative!
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Great dieselpunk athmosphere!
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i must say this is amazing
This is the third picture to catch my eye today which is from you -- and from the same project! Awesome work!
PendragonArts-GEA's avatar
Simply Marvelous!!!! Your work has been selected to receive a Award! Congratulations!!! Heart  DD from me! Delightfully Deviant! by Pendragon-Arts   Tight Hug
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Looks like in Blade Runner. 
Great Job, congrats'!
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Friend this is nice work. ^_^
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Holy shit this so cool
Reminds me of the Dishonored game
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What's dieselpunk?
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It's a genre combining early 20th century technology/stylings with science fiction or fantasy elements.
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It's a bit odd that in all my readings of the genres and their meanings from one of my earlier study books, diesel punk was not listed among the sub-genres therein.
EFBailey's avatar
Not really odd; a lot of those books are inaccurate. Partly it's because there are so many subgenres, but it's also because a lot of the people who write them don't really read or respect genre fiction. That's one of many reasons I decided not to go on into a master's degree. Probably helps that dieselpunk isn't very common and is a relatively recent development; you're more likely to run into one of the other 'punk' genres looking around.
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It must be a new genre. Because I didn't hear about it until I crossed paths with your commissions--which by the way...? Are really awesome.

20 years ago, people were always talking about cyber punk and the various sub-genres of science-fiction--things that I am familiar with now. But it's nice to know that they are adding to the pile and trying out for some new material.

I just finished a cyberpunk novel that's part of a series. And I'm adding my hand to the steam punk arena as well. But diesel punk is going to take some research and getting used to. But it looks pretty simple and not too far-fetched or crazy. Your themes remind me of those pulp fiction novels that centered on Dick Tracy and Humphrey Bogart. :)
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My commissions? I think you may have the wrong person; the only commission I've done recently was a dog portrait. The one who made these was Eddie Mendoza. I'm just a fellow observer of the pictures. I agree that they are awesome, though.
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Ah. Well, my bad. lol
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if there be a game that looks like this i will buy the crap out of it omg this is just BEAUTIFUL ! 
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Is this what it's like to live in a Hive City?
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Urban jungle a hundred years ago
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Nice place to visit, shitty place to stay.
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That's a mighty fine representation of an urban environment.
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