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"these structures have been here for millions of years"
"who built them?"

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Wonderful poetic and awesome landscapeClap 
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Who do you think? Dr. Eggman, obviously.
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Amazing.  They do make me wonder what they were used for.  Sort of like in Prometheus.
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so mysterious and beautiful!
wojtek-mazur's avatar
This is amazing!
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I Kno who built em, the guys who run hotwheels :iconsnfsnfplz:
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Though it seemed silent to human ears, a single radio transmission buzzed frantically, recorded from a snippet of a terrified speech -
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Matel. Hot wheels! Just joking. Your landscapes are really amazing - Ive been bouncing through your gallery, quite amazed!
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Remind me of No Man's Sky
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exactly what I was thinking. These are almost identical to the border failure rings found on exotic planets in NMS.

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So epic and magical! I like the lighting and the feeling of a grand adventure that it evokes. The person in the foreground gives us a reference that just makes the space seem that much larger. Good work~
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Shut down portals
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Muahaha ancient technology, LOVE it!

Maybe just a few more figures in the foreground all sharing the awe :D
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Immeidiately reminded me of the Halo rings...then again, they're as big AS planets...
Still amazing...
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I wish this was real man, excellent job.
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I wish all of his work was real, it's all incredible...
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So true, so true:D
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That must be Hotwheels in real life.
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Someone who really likes circles. WRITING PROMPT!
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they look awesome! Like the mysterious origin of the structures and who built them
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AMAZING! Love drawings that inspire questions. 
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very appealing shapes
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