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Red Planet

environment concept art. inspired by destiny and no man's sky

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Hello i just get into your art and i was wondering if i can use her as cover for the first tome of my series of novel. Hope you answe.

I'm so far away, I just want everyone to see what my eyes see, what no one has seen for hundreds or thousands of years, Every step is a step of belongs to all of us, I am a maybe, I am like the tree that falls in the forest and there is nobody to hear the noise I am everything and I am nothing, I have come to understand that this place does not belong to no one. 

I understood that this is No Man´s Sky.
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Such an epic saying, and a game that has such amazing landscapes, its just to bad sony got involved i think it would have done so much better.
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i'd like to travel here
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Could I possibly use this in a storyline I have been writing, its part of a game I play called deep space fleet. Really love this art and it fits perfectly with the story. Will reference and link back to here if its ok.
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Nice composition.
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beautiful sight also that's a gas giant in the sky right?
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thank you soon I'm gonna try and make some environments for a series/RP im doing and later on there is one that is similar to this one that should be cool if I can do it right 
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Very well realized, awesome work. 
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The coloring is amazing in this pic. You're not the only one who can do this, but you can put such fantasy feeling into the bg through. That's what make this pic special
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The red tones are spot on! :) Well done!
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