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Rainy Street

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"Have you ever seen the rain?"

concept for a personal dieselpunk project

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This is so fantastic, that feel of a gritty city with the machines strolling through it sends chills down my spine

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Fantastic artwork! So many details that make the scene come 'alive' and wonderful use of colors and lighting. Keep up the great work. :)
this is amazing, please may I have permission to use it as the wallpaper on one of my songs on youtube? I will credit you and make sure there are links to your work.
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The Detail is Amazing!
Looks too Real!
Can you tell me which software you use?
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All those moments will be lost in time,like tears in rain.
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What a forest of detail.
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This is awesome 🤩
Very well done dieselpunk ambience!

And then, suddenly, there is a hologram as well. Wow.
CEST magnifique
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This is probably one of the most impressive concept arts I've seen in a long time.
Can you which software did you use?
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Makes me think of Power Armour from Fallout.
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I love the details on the city!
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it's just amazing *_*
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The idea of it being a painting in an ebony wood frame somewhere in my future office I still don't have is just so tempting ^^ I can almost smell, hear and feel this city just by looking at it.
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This image is my desktop background now; it makes me feel really comfortable.
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Maschinenkämpfer? + Starship Troopers 1990's Anime?
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Amazing work!! Love the atmosphere <3
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Fantastic. I'm in awe.
You really put a lot of good detail in this art work. I love it! <3
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