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New Walled Empire

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concept for a frontier planet settled by chinese farmers

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fucking awesome
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wonderful concept bro!
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So they have the technology for not only space travel, but to also colonize, but not automated labors such as robots? The contrast is interesting, wonder how it would work though. Traditionalists?
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we have all this technology now too yet we still have manual laborers. what could be the reason? something to think about.  
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The piece is incredible, still we don't have all of this now, we haven't teraformed another planet or have the means of transporting a population there safely and in a timely manner, example mass cryogenic transportation.  If a civilization could afford all of that then they probably would have a more efficient way of farming.  Although this is digital art so anything can happen. 
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I'd colonize there
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Awesome art work m8 this reminds me of gintama.And if you are wondering why gintama it's because in edo period aliens know as Amato invade japan and then they live among them :>.
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I refuse to believe they have the means of space travel, but haven't managed to get mechanized farming bots.
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With how Technology has expanded and evolved throughout the years, I wouldn't be surprised if this comes true. Either way it's a good mix of the new somewhat overlapping the old whilst still co-existing in some way which is very nice.  
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China 50 years from now
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