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Cyberpunk Pinocchio - Pleasure Island

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Pinocchio reimagined as a cyberpunk RPG

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I really adore this!
It's incredible how talented people can be!
I can't even imagine how long this must've taken!
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Un'opera d'arte, indescrivibile!!

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I'm a writer your art really inspired me, great work!

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If you think about it, the story of Pinocchio actually works in a cyberpunk world. He’s just a robot instead of a magical puppet. Maybe people turning into donkeys could be like a cyborg thing?
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But the law!! Suppose they...
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Yeah, it may seem like an "innocent" amusement park, but "Give a bad boy enough rope and he'll soon make a jackass of himself".
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Is it just me, or Altered Carbon makers owe you royalties?
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My god man!!! I want to live inside your artwork!
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Just linked your picture here: www.facebook.com/groups/258338…

You may want to join us. I think you'd like our cozy little group.
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How is this fallout 4?
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From where do you get all those ideas? It looks like a mix between Las Vegas, Tokyo and an underwater city
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You have to make this an RPG.
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pretty amazing place!
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There already is a cyberpunk Pinochio movie. It's called A.I.
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Boom. Makes me want to see a live action Pinocchio movie.
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With this being Cyberpunk, it really intrigues me of what the kids would turn into.
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It would have to be something that represents the folly of devoting one's life to pleasures, akin to the transformation into donkeys. Possibly shocking... maybe mind-ripped zombie robot drones?
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Now that sounds like a horror movie material! :lol:
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Really good concept art :)
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