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29 Ways to Stay Creative

Inspired by a similar list/poster I wanted to create my own as some of the options I felt didn’t apply to me so I changed them to apply. In the serendipitous kind of way someone pointed out a typo with the list. It was meant to be "Allow Yourself to Make Mistakes" but became "All Yourself to Make Mistakes." At first I wanted to correct it then I decided to let it be and just add the grammar marks. So I sort of corrected it but let it be a mistake.

Thanks to those who like this, as a comment posted I didn't include the link to the poster that inspired this well here it is [link] sorry about that.
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Thanks a lot for that :D
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Such perfect advice in such a nice format <3
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This is AWESOME~!!! :la:
I wonder why this is not a DD ._.
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Get Away From The Computer... so truth.... :'D
can you post a high quality image to print as a poster, or can you sell posters? please email me a high quality image if you can at : m s r e i s s @ g m a i l . c o m
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Both of those options are already available with this print just look to the right.
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Beautiful job! ^_^
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Am I the only one who sees the irony of Get away from the computer since you have to be on the computer to see this?
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Yes there is a bit of irony… but the good thing is you can print this out and then get away from the computer ;)
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I love this!
Be it available on poster, I'd surely buy one and hang it on my wall, facing my desk! c:
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Absolutely love this and yeah I like it better than your original inspiration poster haha :)
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awesome inspiration thank you it is going to interesting to see what you have stirred up in my mind and pallet. Have a great day.
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I agree with all this~ But I find one of them to be especially difficult nowadays...
To be surrounded by creative people. It's so hard and so alone sometimes...
Luckily, we're like magnets, so we get together sooner or later anyway :D
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I found that creative people are always around us… it's just about really seeing what that person is creative at. Some people are visual creatives, some write, some sing, some dance, some just find beauty in their surroundings. Then sometimes all it takes is for some of us creatives to awaken the creativeness in those around us.
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Chain reaction. You've put it into wonderful words :heart:
Some of the most creative and lovely persons can be hiding behind a mask... that can be fake friends, bad habits, or just shyness, fear, idk. I live for the light people's eyes are filled with when they talk about what truth, beauty and happiness is to them. Somehow, I always bring out their real personality, or help them to do so. In most cases, they're happy that I can do this and accept and love them just the way they are :) I may seem cold, but I do care for others a lot.
This trait was the reason I felt insecure and was made fun of for a long time. Some discovered this could be my weak point... By "some" I mean the ones the same age with me :( ...funny... and I'm not the only one. We're like islands in a wild dark sea that hardly allows us to move.
That's what I meant with saying that being surrounded by creative people may be hard, and being your true self can turn into a pretty lonesome road at times... Right now, I've met the right people at the right moment and I gained so much confidence, I can't go back now. There's just happiness for me even when sad... :)
oh not yet again a super-long reply ;_; sorry.. I had to take these words off my chest...
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I would love to get a bunch of these printed to stick EVERYWHERE!
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I've gotten enough requests for this… guess I should make it so :)
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I don't believe an inspiration can be copyrighted. If you are inspired by a piece, it might be nice to mention that from which you were inspired. But, otherwise, the resulting piece is yours. I guess it is one of those 'grey' areas. I like what you did - very much! As far as the content, those things are good topics to concern myself with. Sometimes I need that little push of another's words, to set me on the right path! I say, "Thank you!"

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I agree full heartily… I just wanted to avoid unnecessary drama (which when I originally posted this there was some started). I would have lectured about copyright laws… but just wanted the work to speak for itself

and no Thank you
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Thanks for sharing it:)
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love your poster. I would like to post it on my company blog. Pls let me know if you have any problems with that. I'll provide you with the link as soon as i post it.
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