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Sargeras vs Monk

By EdCid
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My view of Sargeras (Warcraft) or what could be just his avatar (one can never be sure) facing a young but resolute Monk (Diablo).
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I get a very strong "Asura's Wrath" vibe from this piece. Very nice.
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Check the wowpedia page for the avatar! You won't be disappointed! ^^
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The feeling is just crushing, what a wonderful perspective - would love to see more of this view;
Can`t stop look at it.
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this is absolutely breath-taking. I still feel like it should have been one of the winners..
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That piece is so awesome ! It could fit well in its own universe. :)
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Amazing detail. badass.
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That Monk is so fucking fucked.
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D3 characters are far more powerful than WoW ones by lore.
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Citation SERIOUSLY needed. Especially since this is a nameless monk against Sargeras.
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To give you an idea. Prime Evil Diablo was par with the original Prime Evil. Who in a battle literally created the universe. The same way as how The Light and The Void collide and created the Warcraft Universe.

Sargeras, on the other hand. Isn't even capable of stand against the Void Lords.
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'Who in a battle literally created the universe.'   The Diablo Universe in question is literally two places at the time. I don't even think you can call those two places proper planets. A third comes later. Compare that to the Warcraft universe which is an actual, you know, universe.

The Light and The Void collide and created the Warcraft Universe.' I see you're using Warcraft Chronicle. I'd be careful about that, because Chronicle retcons a whole lotta stuff and has some logical... quirks. I'll show you one later.

Not to mention I'm not even certain P.E. Diablo was on par. In battle the original PE create the universe right? Well then if PE Diablo was that strong, then the battle with him would have been a little more devastating than some broken furniture. That's not even just game mechanics. If PE Diablo was that strong, Blizzard would have written him as that strong. But they didn't. PE Diablo < Original PE.

Saying 'isn't even capable' of standing against the Old Gods is rather biased. It's like saying PE Diablo can't even stand against a nephalem. By the way, I'm fairly certain there's something in Chronicle - the thing you used earlier - about Sargeras killing a bunch of Void Lords in one hit. Also, destroying an entire planet by swinging his sword.

Nothing Diablo OR PE Diablo ever do comes even close to Sargeras's feats. PE Diablo tried to cause an apocalypse by getting close to Important Artifact of Hope and sabotaging it. Sargeras causes an apocalypse just by being there.
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The Diablo universe is more than just three places. You are not even counting what the Worldstone can do. But anyway. The words "Universe" are explicitly used in the Book of Cain.

The Light and Void colliding to create the universe isn't new Chronicle stuff. It was stated years ago in the World of Warcraft Megazine. You obviously don't know a lot of Warcraft.

Huh? Prime Evil Diablo is the sum of all the other Prime Evils. It is explicitly stated that he is the new Prime Evil and the reincarnation of Tathamet. He IS that powerful. And recked literally everyone in the universe except for the Nephalem who had infinie potential.

I didn't say taht Sargeras wasn't capable of stading against the Old Gods. I said Void Lords very clearly. And btw. The Nephalem > Everything in the Warcraft Universe.

You obviously didn't read Chronicle. Please. Stop using things when you don't know the context. Sargeras never battled against a Void Lord in his life, in fact he is so scared that isn't even able to TRY to battle against them. So instead he wanted to destroy all planets so the Void Lords can never enter. And what he killed were Old Gods.-Not Void Lords.-

You are rather biased and ignorant about both Warcraft and Diablo. Sad thing to see.
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'The Diablo universe is more than just three places.' Right, Pandemonium and all those other places. Slipped my mind.

'Huh? Prime Evil Diablo is the sum of all the other Prime Evils. It is explicitly stated that he is the new Prime Evil and the reincarnation of Tathamet. He IS that powerful'

Except this clearly isn't the case. Blizzard can say it all they want, but their actions speak louder. Again, if Tathamet was so powerful that just it fighting was enough to create the entire universe, then if PE Diablo was its equal then obviously the same would go for him. The fight against the Nephalem would have been on that level of destruction and it OBVIOUSLY isn't so something doesn't add up. The immediate answer is obvious: Just because you're something's reincarnation doesn't make you that thing's equal, because PE Diablo was certainly not on the level of 'accidental universe creation'.

'The Nephalem > Everything in the Warcraft Universe.'  Riiight. Even stronger than the guy who, you know, split a planet in half with his sword. I'll even post the image link, though it's a bit long.…

And you call ME the biased one. Isn't that the pot calling the kettle black.
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Again. Rather ignorant and biased arguments.

It is explictly stated by Tyrael that Tathamet/The Prime Evil is just the sum of all other Prime Evils. Which D3 Diablo was. There is even a conversation between the Nephalem and Tyrael that say this:
"Then Diablo seeks to become the Dragon once again?"
"In a manner of speaking, yes."

You can dismiss facts as much as you want. That won't make any difference. D3 Diablo was equal with Tathamet and his battle with Anu created the Universe. If you don't want to believe that because "Well. I don't see them impressive!" and ignore all affirmations that say otherwise. You can. But you will only show how ignorant you are about both universes

Yes. The Nephalem is superior to everything in Warcraft. Just by virtue of beating Prime Evil Diablo. Also, i read Chronicle myself and i know that Sargeras did MUCH more than just cleave a planet. By the way. Didn't you say that Chronicle wasn't "a valid source of information" (Dismiss the authors own work in favor of your headcanon) ? because that picture was made for Chronicle.

I didn't really changed my mind. I still see you as a biased individual that tries to look otherwise. Dismissing facts in favor of your likings.
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Well... he's kinda screwed.
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For some reason this reminds me of the Mountain's vs Oberyn.Awesome piece ^^!
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lovely brushstrokes!!! envy inside
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OH GOD! That looks so damn epic!! :clap:
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