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Northern Crimes Chapter 10
Arthur spent the rest of Tuesday looking for Vladimir. He also spent all of Wednesday looking for Vlad. He didn't find Vlad. He did find were Vlad lived and was greeted by Vlad's overly polite little brother.
Aurel told Arthur that Vladimir had been home and packed up and left. No, he hadn't mentioned where he was going or when he would be back, sorry sir. Aurel had no clue where his older brother had went, but Aurel gave the detectives a list of places Vladimir frequented.
The list included five different arcades, four game shops, three bars, two warehouses, and the public library.
Vlad was not in any of the arcades or game shops and the police found all of the bars devoid of high schoolers and all bars denied ever serving anyone under the age of twenty one. In the warehouses they found multiple kids selling suspicions smelling things in little bags, but no Vladimir. The librarian politely told them to leave and that she would call them if Vlad showed up.
After a considerably long arg
:iconclockworkstarling:ClockworkStarling 5 0
Abel x Reader: Fate
“Food pellets, food pellets… Where the hell are they hiding you?”you murmured to yourself as you craned your neck to see the high top shelves. You didn’t usually come here; the store was somewhat out of the way and it was stupid to drive more than necessary to pick up pet supplies, yet due to errands, you were in the area and just so happened to remember that you needed to pick a few things up before heading home. And while you were lucky that there was a pet store close by, it was becoming a chore to figure out where they kept their products. Usually you were in and out in under 5 minutes, but today you were going over 10, which was annoying to say the least.
“Oh come on,” you sighed, “I know rabbits aren’t the most popular of pets, but they’re pets nonetheless! So it shouldn’t be this hard to find their food!” Taking a deep breath, you marched out of the aisle you were currently moping in and took a look around the sto
:iconaplbunny:aplbunny 136 49
In the Hetalia World!ScotlandXReader
You woke up to the smell of cigarette smoke around you.Choking,you open your eyes wide only to be greeted by two emerald green ones with shaggy,yet neatly groomed,Crimson colored hair brushing past them and a smirk with the source of the cigarette smoke,in his mouth.
You wrinkle your nose in disgust and push the face out of your personal air space so that horrid smell wouldn't engulf you.
"Get that gross thing away from me!"you snap.The person blinked a couple times then let out a hearty laugh.
"Looks like you're not dead after all!"the man laughed.You blinked at the man for a moment before jumping up and pointing at him.
"Holy Shiz!Y-you're Scotland from Hetalia!"you shout.Scotland stands up,takes his cigarette out of his mouth and folds his arms.
"Exscuse me?"
"You!You're from that anime Hetalia!"
"Look lady,I dont know how hard you must have bumped your head or even how long you were laying on the sidewalk but I have no idea what you're talking about."he says."Yes it is true I am th
:iconimpressheta:ImpressHeta 135 36
Moi by maivalkov Moi :iconmaivalkov:maivalkov 289 72 APH - Boots :colour: by R-ninja APH - Boots :colour: :iconr-ninja:R-ninja 495 50 Nordic by kanonyui Nordic :iconkanonyui:kanonyui 666 56 Contest Prize: Hard at Work by maivalkov Contest Prize: Hard at Work :iconmaivalkov:maivalkov 296 49
Netherlands x Reader, REQUEST
There was a really hot guy in your dorm room, which was extremely weird because you couldn’t recall having invited him to come chill in your dorm. He was an unexpected surprise but well appreciated, as he was quite lovely to stare at. It also occurred to you—as you awkwardly shut the door—that your roommate could have invited him in, but she wasn’t in the room either, which left you in a seriously awkward position.
He was smoking a cigarette, his eyes drawn to the picture frame he was holding in his hands. You recognized it as yours—the picture your mother had taken last spring of you and your precious bunny—a tiny baby Holland Lop named Penny. He placed the frame down when he saw you, taking the cigarette out of his mouth. He was a tall man, and though he was wearing a jacket, it seemed he was really well built as well. His dirty blond hair was all short except for in the front, where it was spiked up, and his serious eyes were a greenish-gold. A lo
:iconforeverbeforenight:foreverbeforenight 218 36
Who's the Father? (Chubby!Mom!ReaderxChildren!BTT)
“Mutti! Mutti! Lets go to the park!”
“Please maman! Can we go to the park?”
“Please mama?”
(Name) was being jumped on by her three boys, the trio begging to go to the park. She chuckled at her boys and ruffled their hair, trying to settle them down. They were such a hyperactive bunch of kids, always making a mess and getting into all kinds of trouble, but (Name) didn’t mind. They were her children, blood or not, and she loved them all the same.
“If you three clean up your rooms, I’ll not only take you to the park, but buy you each a treat,” (Name) said with a smile as she crouched down to their eye level.
“Thank you!” the boy cried out and tackled (Name) in a hug, burying their faces into her soft chest.
They quickly ran off towards their combined room, leaving (Name) sitting on the floor with a wide grin on her face. As she listened to the happy chatter between her three boys, she stood up and wandered the living
:iconsilver-4:Silver-4 357 50
2p! America Reader: cousins part 3
It's been a week since Alfred kissed you in the hallway, the rumors are nasty. Most are about how you and Alfred aren't really cousins. People don't even talk to you before they spread them.
"_____ honey." Your mom called you one night Alfred and Arthur where out.
You went down stairs to see your mom putting dinner on the table with a worried look.
When you sat down at the table your mom's head instantlly shot up. "We need to talk." Was all she said before she sat down and looked at you. "About what?" You asked finally. "Your teachers are calling one after another asking about romours about you and Alfred. I told Arthur to ask you before we ask Alfred, so tell me whats going on."
With those words you began to cry.
Not only was your teachers getting involed, but none of them asked you before they contacted your mom. To be honest this was the first time someone asked you about it. Elizabeta had a way of helping you, but she was a year ahead of you, so t
:iconfilca98:filca98 66 17
(Nordicsxchubby!reader){contest entry} a new pool
"(name)!" your mother called from the bottom of the stairs, "we were going to head over to our friends house. they just put a pool in their back yard. wanna come? could be fun."
"which friends?" you asked, even though it wouldn't really matter, none of your parents friends had kids your age or really any one for you to talk to.
"Holly's place." right. silly you, she had been talking about that pool for a year now.
"sure! i'll come. be right down." you could hear her steps return to what ever they were doing before. you hopped off of your bed and began to dig through drawers. you may or may not still have that swim suit... no, you found it, good.
it wasn't the most flattering, considering that it was a year old and in that time your body had, of course, changed a little. still fit though and it's not like any one there will be judging you or anything. the people there would have known you since your birth. and common, it was about inner beauty!... still though, you needed a new suit.
:iconkatyclassylady:katyclassylady 258 48
Trollmann by maivalkov Trollmann :iconmaivalkov:maivalkov 405 165
Open Seat: Male!Belarus x Reader
Open Seat: Male!Belarus x Reader
  You had been in the room for maybe three seconds before two hands clamped down on your shoulders. You let out a small shriek and turned around to be face-to-face with Belarus. He may have been glaring, but you could see that he was really worried, "You said that you would be here by 12:15, and it is already 12:43! Where were you?!" As he said all of this, he was frantically checking you for possible injuries.
  You gently pushed him away. "The traffic was really bad coming here, I'm fine," you said calmly. He stopped searching for injuries, but still seemed irritated, " Then why didn't you tell me?! I've been worried sick about you!" He exclaimed while pulling you back to him. You rolled your eyes and tried to keep at least a few centimeters between you two. "I'm sorry, Belarus. I forgot," you mumbled into his chest, giving up on escaping his grasp.
  All it took was you being nice to him one time. One time. Then you suddenly became the
:iconeshucreature:EshuCreature 699 142
Human Denmark! by Dina-soar Human Denmark! :icondina-soar:Dina-soar 260 175



oooohhh pretty clouds :)
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Favourite cartoon character: naruto, sanzo, hakkai, too many to list.....
Well time flies when your constantly busy ;P just realized it's been two months since my last update. so have to dust off the ol notebook and attempt to draw again lol.  Hopefully i can get the creative juices flowing :)

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