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I really like The Loud House very much.

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I am starting to like this show a

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I don't like season 1 but The rest is Great

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I hate Loud House because all of seasons and episodes have lots of serious shit
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Sometimes I wonder why later episodes put less and less focus on Lincoln.
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Starting to like it more, very good episodes so far. Makes me imagine I would live in their house too would be fun.
My ranking so far:

1. Lucy
2. Leni
3. Luna
4. Luan
5. Lincoln
6. Lola
7. Lynn
8. Lori
9. Lisa
10. Lily
11. Lana
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Best show ever!!!
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The loud house sucks
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The Loud House is great.
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i bet 5 million dollars a bunch of gofags are using this badge
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The rest are autistic kids
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