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Gumball and Jason Save Xmas Tribute Poster

Hey, guys. E-Star99 here. Christmas is almost here. MigsGarcia5127 and I have decided to make a Christmas Special. This Christmas Special will star: Jason, Gumball, Darwin, Anais, Bubblegum, Darlene, Chowder, Panini, Mordecai, and Rigby.
This tribute poster is for ~murumokirby360

Preview: It all started at Santa's Workshop on a snowy day, but then it explodes. The alarms go off, and a man named Quillgin in a winter jacket runs away with a big red present. He escapes the destroyed workshop and uses a gun to destroy the lock to a door, which leads to a building where a bunch of airplanes and Santa's sleigh with the reindeer are. He heads to the outer limits of the North Pole. Before he could look inside the present, a man named Santa Claus, crashed onto the sleigh with a flying snowboard He jumps in the sleigh and grabs the present before Quillgin can get it. He then jumps off the sleigh, with the present. He then opens a portal on his wristwatch. However, Quillgin wasn't giving up, as he shot 3 bullets at Santa, making him "pass out" as he falls into the portal. Meanwhile, in Elmore, it was Christmas Eve, as the citizens of Elmore celebrate Christmas. The Wattersons(and Jason), were driving along in their car. When suddenly they ran over somebody. The Wattersons were totally shocked. They believed they ran over Santa Claus. Unfortunately, the doctor told them the guy they ran over was not Santa Claus, has no memory and he was their problem. Nicole, however, didn't want a homeless man in their home, however the kids, were really sad, so Nicole had to agree. 
Preview #2: Meanwhile, in Marzipan City, Mung Daal and Schnitzel were carrying a Xmas tree home, when they saw Chowder(wearing his new winter clothes Jason got him for his birthday), looking at the Utensils Emporium shop. He saw and knew what he wanted for Christmas; an electric broccoli trimmer, with detachable nonelectric cauliflower trimmer. Mung said it's too pricey, but Chowder had proclaimed that Santa Claus(Not Knish Kringle) will bring it to him, because he's been a good boy. Mung kinda agrees with Chowder. Suddenly, Panini(wearing her winter dress and bells on her ears) tackles him to the ground. She then tells him what he wants for Christmas is a kiss from him, while she dangles a mistletoe, trying to kiss him. Chowder tells her that he's not her boyfriend(as usual). Suddenly, he and Panini looked a TV store, and they watched the news that Christmas is going to be cancelled forever, because Santa was somehow missing. Chowder and Panini were both shocked at this. They were worried they might not get their Christmas Wishes. A nearby phone booth was ringing, Chowder answered it. It was Jason, calling from Elmore(The Watterson House), telling him and Panini needed to come to Elmore. Chowder agreed to it. A portal to Elmore opens, Chowder grabs Panini and they ran into the portal. 
Preview #3: Meanwhile, at the Park, in the house, decorated, the kitchen is filled with guests, and MM and Skips were making cookies. In the living room, Audrey and Benson were talking to each other. Mordecai and Rigby were singing their singing a song to Margaret on the phone. Benson noticed they were out of soda. He asked Thomas, however, he was stuck in the stair railing. Mordecai and Rigby tells Benson that they'll the soda. They then bundled in their best winter clothes to get more soda at Skips' house. But before they could, they saw a red present. They wonder why it's doing here. They heard a radio on the news that Christmas is going to be cancelled forever, because Santa was somehow missing. They also heard a message from Santa saying to never look inside the box. It's not what was inside the box, it's the box itself that matters. He also tell them that Quillgin, who is excited about a breakthrough he'd made on his life work. The idea was simple; an empty box that when opened, would give the child what they desire most. Little did he know that the key component was a dark magic. We used a focus group to test how it would work in Christmas Morning scenario. And things got ugly. The box had a power over people. It brought out worse in them. He ordered that the box be locked away, and then any work pertaining to it'd be destroy. He should've known he'd come back for revenge. The box is in Mordecai and Rigby's hands now. Informing them they must destroy it. If Quillgin gets it back, he'd use its power to get what he wants most. The destruction of Christmas forever! His last words on the radio were that he's in another world, called Elmore. Mordecai and Rigby don't know where it is. All they could do is not look inside the box and keep it away from other people.

Can our heroes unite and find a way to defeat Quillgin, find Santa, and save Christmas from being destroyed? Find out, in a extraordinary, pulse pounding, action packed P.M.G. Christmas special ever! "Gumball and Jason Save Christmas!"

Gumball: ~isaac618
Jason: Me, E-Star99Bullet; Red
Darwin: *Auditions Open*
Anais: Luri-cat
Chowder: boxmaniscool
Panini: WishesLotus
Bubblegum Fireson: WishesLotus
Darlene Fireson: *Auditions Open*
Mordecai: *Auditions Open*
Rigby: *Auditions Open*
Benson: *Auditions Open*
Skips: *Auditions Open*
Muscle Man: *Auditions Open*
Nicole: *Auditions Open*
Richard: *Auditions Open*
Homeless Guy: *Auditions Open*
Santa Claus(from Regular Show): *Auditions Open*
Quillgin: *Auditions Opened*

*This Santa Claus in this special will not be the one from The Amazing World of Gumball. Instead this Santa will be the muscular one from Regular Show.

Jason created by ~edalhoff345
Bubblegum and Darlene (C) ~Stickventures
Chowder and Panini-CHOWDER / C.H. Greenblatt © Cartoon Network
Gumball, Darwin and Anais-The Amazing World Of Gumball / Ben Bocquelet © Cartoon Network
Mordecai, Rigby, Benson, Skips, Muscle Man, and Hi Five Ghost-Regular Show/ JG Quintel © Cartoon Network
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Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ok? But if you drew that by hand nicely done.
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I know. Thank you. And Merry Christmas!
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Merry Christmas right back at ya
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Remember to say Merry Christmas in my profile tomorrow.
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Gonna add Anais to my poster.
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