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The Dance of Threes
She's asleep on him,
mirroring aphrodite 
in cosmic ocean.
in her cocoon no room 
to love him.
the sun does not even touch,
the light does not even touch
his skin. 
the space
he ceases to inhabit.
billowing matter
he is 
a Discordant note in her harmony.          
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I Finally Got The Hang of Thursdays
I think I aged ten thousand years
In the span of two minutes. 
I think it took a million arms
To loosen my grasp of time,
And the ability of all-seeing
To blind the craving eyes.
I think It took these two minutes
To reverse a thousand years,  
And I know it takes the end,           
To realize there is no time nor space
To die in. 
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You came to me as the first
firefly to blink the sleepy eyes
of God in dusk's 
bruised eyelids.
A summer eternal
rested on your back
your skin mapped
lost constellations
And so I followed.
Jar in chest,
believing I could
contain you. 
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Cold Comfort
I was blinded by the silver moon,
though summer lion I may be,
The cold hand of the midnight lady
Will always keep me company.
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Self-Acceptance And Other Such Things
To love moonly blood,
and scars made by thy own hands.
To love that you are not an airbrushed goddess,
Destined for an arrogant man.
To love the body in disproportions:
silly ears and oversized noses.
To love the self is a tedious task,
But no need for anorexia ladies,
For beauty of the flesh never lasts.
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Motherly Love
There may have been good intentions,
But her own demons devoured them.
A child: a new life to corrupt;
When her own wasn't good enough.
Be who you desire to be,
But god forbid you live freely.
"You are the artist, but I'll direct your hand
Until your'e bruised and slightly dead."
A love akin to a noose.
"I will birth you into this world with nothing but rope.
It is your responsibility to tighten it, to choke."
Heaven, I cannot believe in:
Too mystical and uncertain,
But evidence for hell is provided:
When you have seen the devil reincarnated.
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Dusty Mirrors
She is the space between the words,
Where blackness hits atmosphere,
Breathing meets suffocation,
The amethyst break between night and day.
Older than time,
Younger than the second
passing unnoticed.
She is the silence before soldiers march,
The click of a trigger,
Clashing of two swords;
The after war,
When bodies are numbers,
And allies were strangers
with names unspoken.
The cries of the mourning
That artists outline, therapist's define
And essence remains inexpressible.
Life kissing the dying's weary eyes,
Before they close for the final time.  
Older than time,
Younger than the second
Passing unnoticed.
She is the phoenix rising,
Orchestra epiphany,
Sparks igniting,
Souls soaring above
The comprehensible:
The world formula.
Unselfish love:
The universal god.
Golden hours performed by mortal suns,
Genuine smiles and applause,
The beginning, the finale, the act unseen.
Older than time,
Younger than the second
Passing unnoticed.
She is the in-between, the everything
:iconedajhcaeb:Edajhcaeb 1 0
My subconscious is my mirror,
In sleep reality is clearer,
Dreams illuminate the deceptions,
I've been repeating,
And needing,
To survive.
My mask gives me oxygen
I can't decline.
I have always been
Not deserving of the title, 'human'
:iconedajhcaeb:Edajhcaeb 1 1
Surrender Tree
She was dead
Before infinite love
Touched her
In the form
Of an infant
Now she is not alive
But immortal
Bearing fruit
To the tree of life
Learning to release the ego
And embrace truth untainted
Long she has waited
purity she bleeds
Surrend tree freed
:iconedajhcaeb:Edajhcaeb 0 2
A flicker of hope is just enough
To remember the fire,
Even if it is now too cold
To ignite the soul-pieces-
I shall not remain frozen forever.
:iconedajhcaeb:Edajhcaeb 1 0
Four Gorgons
Medusa had once been beautiful. A fact my brother vehemently restates often. The words mesmerize me, said with a child's voice that has not innocence, but an ever deep sorrow. She has become an emblem for him, as the butterfly has for me. A symbol to clutch in the darkness of childhood, overshadowed by a golden haze seen in elusive states of reminiscence. The darkness is there, and I know that he feels it. I can see its presence in his crystalline eyes, In his detached looks.
His obsession with greek mythology has become a part of him. When I am speaking to him, I am speaking to one sensitive to ancient gods. He is the embodiment of Athena's wisdom, Zeus's power, Poseidon's wrath,  Aphrodite's unequivocal love. I have not always understood the beauty of these opposing facets; too wrapped up in my blanket of egotism to notice their importance. When he had breathed life into these tales, I was blind to such life. I wish I had listened sooner. I wish I had caught every word spoken th
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Shallow Promise
Inbetween lives
I etched my name into the darkness
From which I came.
And I can still hear the raven's wings
Flapping impatiently,
Beckoning me back to the cocoon;
Avalon: the paradise before the womb,
To which I vowed to return soon
For Hades is expecting me,
I, a willing Persephone
Awoke according to season
Realism vanished,
Idealism thickened,
And suspended between two panes of glass,
I whispered to you
A shallow promise.
:iconedajhcaeb:Edajhcaeb 1 2
Nirodha by Edajhcaeb Nirodha :iconedajhcaeb:Edajhcaeb 2 0


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Jade Beach
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
"Choose your last words
This is the last time 
Because you and I -
We were born to die."

Marigold pills by the dozen does not quite block out the sun - yet.  Ruby wine and sleeping orbs. I aspire to die young. Sparkling and deeply shadowed. I aspire to be the muse that dies before she reveals all her secrets. What is to look up to when all the stars are gone?
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