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[ATC] Outer space

My part of september's trade via ACEOfursXchange for Sysirauta.
My sincerest apologies for such late submission, I've had some health problems and family meetings that could not wait and had to be taken care of. In addition, I didn't just want to create a poor quality card and call it a day - even if it would have been finished on time (I guess this is the problematic part of my character Sweating a little...).
I really hope that you can forgive me this awful delay and that the card looks okay to you. I have my envelope ready, so it is only a matter of exchanging the addresses now :>

Media used:
Bullet; Green Bruynzeel colored pencils
Bullet; Green BiC Cristal Medium Biro Ballpoint Pen 1.0mm Black
Bullet; Green Derwent Coloursoft Pencil White C720
Bullet; Green Koh-I-Noor Eraser Pencil 
Bullet; Green Pilot G2 0.7 Pastel White
Image details
Image size
1371x1241px 3.19 MB
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No problem, things happen. The card looks nice, I guess it has a fold line at the foreground? A nice effect, looks like it is a floating platform in the space indeed!

I'll note the address just in a moment.

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Yup that's the folding line <3