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This is megaman Making Hadoukens with Hadoukens, then a Banzai Bill, a Cheep Cheep, an finally a Kirby XD, i think this is My Best GIF,,,,, Yes, X can make Hadoukens in the first Megaman X from SNES you Must have Heart Tanks, Sub-Tanks, enemy weapons, and power-ups. Then, go to Armored Armadillo's level. Reach the final mine cart, which launches you through the air at the end of the level. Just before you reach the wall, jump up and climb the wall. At the top, there will be a large Energy Unit. Get it, and then jump into the pit and die. Repeat this step five times. On the fifth time through, a capsule will appear on that same ledge. Dr. Light will then give you a Ryu-Hadouken fireball for Mega Man to use.
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