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A healthy disrespect.........

For yourself..... 1
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tedthehed's avatar
ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho oh oh
rico-xx's avatar
Heh-heh -- this SO appeals to my sick sense of humour :-) ... good stuff.
warningsign's avatar
Haha, awesome nipples. :D

Love how the green and pink go together. :heart:
short-bus-driver's avatar
are you kidding? thats sexy. its the real "in" thing - not that mtv female curve thing thats been going on. more people are doing it nowadays...
ed-amone's avatar
I need to get stuck into a few tubs of lard then if im gonna be cool!! :)
Coldone's avatar
I love your illustrations.!
dontdeletemyfrog's avatar
:D questions, its political.. who is it? i love it because its disgusting... also... how is the colour put on your pictures... its not done by painting or anything? isit. and also how big are these pieces.
ed-amone's avatar
It's just a random lard cake...........but the reason its political is because i'm researching the theme of Disrespect for my degree show in the coming months. This little man has no respect for his body and the social, economic problems people like him pose. The drawing is pretty much just a tester to a much larger scaled theme. If you have any ideas or points i really want to hear them. Most of my drawings are in pencil to start with. Then either gouche or arclyic and then taken into photoshop to add colour or add pezzazz (that a word?). So lots of layers. I also scour old antique shops for really old books so most of the time these drawings are about A4 or smaller unless i hi-res scan the old paper and enlarge it onto a drawing. So they all vary depending. I tend to class most of my working under traditional drawings because thats where the piece stems from. Hope that clears up things :)
dontdeletemyfrog's avatar
i always feel rude asking questions, but that was a very coherent and helpful answer. sometimes its really hard to see how someone has done something yaknow. and sorry what is gouche? gotta love the old paper.... have you tried charity shops? also local dumps, you get people throwing away batch loads of brilliant old stuff.... i found a tonne of faded old maps which im yet to use! faded to the point where the markings were practically invisible.
ed-amone's avatar
Gouache is sort of like watercolours mixed with gum, you can buy it in most art shops, Nice texture to it.
My college mate has been doing his community service in a few charity shops, he sorts out old books and such, keeps ones for me sometimes.
You def should get drawing on those maps, i really want to see them now :)
thegreatjason's avatar
eh. i hate gouache...

(p.s. pizzazz)
ed-amone's avatar
but it loves you....:)
dontdeletemyfrog's avatar
yaknow i think i shall... and i might go out and buy some gouache... i have a friend whos been talking about it for years and again... lovely piece :)
bedpan3's avatar
exquisitely disturbing.
grafficjam's avatar
i like this, but it hurts my eyes.
irwin-fletcher's avatar
absolutly freudian
very nice style you have
MEANINGLESSexistance's avatar
i like its simplicity, the parallel lines in the background, and THE GIANT NIPPLES!
bill56's avatar
Wonder, where you got your inspiration from?
Great lines & colors, interesting figure. And, to me, totally original!
ikhon's avatar
one disgusting bastard chilling the fuck out.
zhavas's avatar
not your best doing mate
ed-amone's avatar
awww why not? :)
zhavas's avatar
it just looks too simple is all,
like, rushed almost
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