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Well, the fiftieth anniversary of Doctor Who is this week, and I'm feeling nostalgic about it, so I thought I'd see how badly I could amuse everybody with this piece of ancient fanart.

I drew this back in 1990, when there were only seven official Doctors and the show had just been cancelled.  I didn't have the best reference available, and I can see now all sorts of costume errors (especially William Hartnell...sweet Gozer did I get the color on that completely wrong).  I don't have the most realistic art style, as everyone who's ever perused my gallery knows, and I did lean somewhat on the caricatures of Dicky Howett, who was a contributor to Doctor Who Magazine in that era.

To top it off, I drew the picture on two sheets of typing paper that I taped together, which made Tom Baker look even weirder.  Why I picked that look I don't know; I think I actually favor the maroon coat and slightly less colorful scarf of his last season.  Again, lacking good reference, I did his scarf in five repeating colors...I think the colorist of Marvel (USA)'s reprints of Marvel UK strips probably gave me the idea.

Anyway, a couple more Doctor Who pieces later this week.  One's another old one jazzed up thanks to digital coloring and effects, and and the last is a new piece.
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Love it - think my favorite thing is Six's hair! :D

Seen "Night of the Doctor" yet???? O_O