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Ray from Displaced Aggressio



Spoilers Ahead:

The IDW mini-series "Displaced Aggression" features the Ghostbusters in a different flight suit, dark blueish with red seams and white gloves and boots.

Issue #2 features Ray with a beard and mustache, which if you've been following my own artwork you know I've been prone to drawing on him in stories set after 1997 and Extreme Ghostbusters

Anyway, just for my own amusement, I took my most recent picture of Ray, added the beard and mustache, and recolored his flight suit to resemble the one in the comics. (My Ray owes more to the cartoon likeness, of course, than the "We're Trying To Make Him Look As Much Like Aykroyd As We Can Without Having to Pay For the Likeness Rights" version in the comic)
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I figured it was the TVG version you did. But you are right. They did make him "i'm like him but not like him-ness". And the new flightsuit is pretty cool.