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Peter, You've Changed

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Like my recent "remix" of Ghostbusters.nuts #6, here's a new version of GBNuts#20, which Kingpin first put up last year:

"Peter You've Changed"

Compare to the earlier version:

It's basically a satiric look at the changes made to the character of Peter Venkman between Seasons 1 and 2 of the cartoon, where Lorenzo Music and his laid back, sarcastic, Slimer-hating character was replaced with a toned down, Slimer-buddying version who was both written thirty IQ points dumber and certainly sounded the part due to Dave Coulier's lame Bill Murray impersonation.

Like Venkman, the character of Janine was similarly lobotomized--but her changes were explained in the series with the last brilliant episode of the show (not the last episode, just the last brilliant one) "Janine You've Changed". Thus the title of this joking explaination of what happened to Venkman...
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EdenVenkmanHobbyist Digital Artist
I literally cried out of anger when they changed Peter’s voice :P
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KidBoboboHobbyist Digital Artist
One idea for an in-universe mythos in The Real Ghostbusters is that aside from the usual ghosts the busters also have deal with fugitives from the Toon Realm, and similar to Janine, one of them possessed Peter for awhile, transforming him into Venko the Clown. Egon and the rest can't tell them apart from the regular ghosts because they're so unheard of.

That would also explain the TMNT and Simpsons parodies in the Q5 episodes.
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Rant and huff all you want, but I actually like Dave Coulier as Peter. I agree Lorenzo was better with Peter's sarcastic, snidey, charmer side, but Dave brought out Peter's big brother, gentler side which also worked well. I really didn't have a problem with him suddenly being best friends with Slimer. I know that may have come out of the blue but remember, Slimer did save Peter's life in a couple of episodes and  he possibly reconsidered what Egon said about Slimer feeling scared by Peter theatening to blast him as "he's living with people that bust ghosts" and Peter wouldn't like that either if he were Slimer, so I guess that's what made him become a lot nicer to him. Slimer also stopped messing about and became much more mature, so that is another possibility. Janine's appearance, I did like her new design but she looked absolutely nothing like Annie Potts, the  Janine in the film, which the original cartoon Janine did, so I admit that was a real put off at first. Especially if you're a huge fan of Ghostbusters (which I am). What I hated was the real dumbing down of some of the later episodes, like including kids to become Ghostbusters. Junior Ghostbusters ring a bell? I honestly hated them. I refused to watch any episode they were in. Thankfully, they weren't in that many, but they were definitely the down-point of the later series.
I also wasn't a fan of the Slimer spin-off series. I admit it was  cute at times, but it just didn't feel like Ghostbusters at all.   I much prefer Slimer actually with the Ghostbusters, rather than him having a series all to himself. There's no adventure, there's no excitement, and just lacking in character. Anyway, I understand why you don't like Dave Coulier as Peter but they could have got someone much much worse who doesn't even sound like him or even get the personality right. At least Dave Coulier did stick to Peter's sarcasm and charmer ladies-man personality. The only major difference is that he treated Slimer better. 
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TDotBabsProfessional Digital Artist

I was actually trying to stomach one of the later episodes today, and I couldn't get through it.  Peter's my favourite character, but when ABC took control, they hit him over the head a few times and changed his voice.

I get why they went with Dave Coulier.  Bill Murray wouldn't quit complaining that Peter sounded too much like Garfield and not enough like him.  (Of course, now that Bill Murray plays Garfield in the movies, there's no escaping THAT fate, now is there?  Oh, how I love poetic justice.)

So, they got Coulier, who was known for doing a terrible impression of Murray in his stand up routine.  Only problem is that the voice he gave Peter was AWFUL, and he sounds almost like Goofy in some instances.  Of course this was coupled with cutting poor Peter's IQ in half, and making him Slimer's BFF/caretaker.  The end result is something akin to Derpy Hooves.  Which is fine for a little gray Pegasus...but not for a Ghostbuster.
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Hated Dave Coulier as Peter. As a kid watching the show, I never bought the fact that it wasreally Peter and Janine post season 2. I initially thought they were cousins of the real ones(Since TV shows tend to do that).
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What? Peter giving Slimer a hug? IT'S THE END OF ALL EXSITENCE!!!
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LuciferTheShortStudent Traditional Artist
Slimer trying to use voodoo on Peter. You got to admit, it makes the plots of many of the later season episodes of RGB actually make sense. Not that I am criticizing you. My favorite fan fics by you include Return of the Jersey Turnpike and that one where the Makeoverus Lotsabucks told her tale to the Boogieman before getting eaten. I can tell you also wanted to do that to Karro-Zans, Sammy K. Ferret, and the other villains from that season. I'm adding this to my faves just because it is hilarious!
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Just for the interest of full disclosure, the Lotsabucks story you mention, "The Eyes Have Her", was written by Ghostdiva. I just hosted it at the Ectozone after the site it was at went under.
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LuciferTheShortStudent Traditional Artist
I have read other cool GB fan fics. I once read an Extreme Ghostbusters fan fic where they extracted Siren from the Containment Unit. While we do have different ideas, we do think alike in some areas, like Janine and Egon forever, and the kickass Peoplebusters. I even made up some names for the Peoplebusters, with my own ideas for the other PB counterparts- Egon Slimer, Creeper Venkman, Slay Stantz, Winston Zeddegore(I picture Flip-Winston as looking like a purple demon with red eyes. He's also one of the few PB counterparts I made up where I am actually proud of the name I came up with), Slobber(fat human with green hair and messy clothes), Janine Morbid, Louis Terror(like Egon and Janine, is skeletal in appearance), and I also came up with a flip version of Stay Puft, but I haven't come up with a good name. For the Extreme Peoplebusters, I came up with Eduardo Reaper(like zombie-Eddy from Fear Itself, but more creepy-looking and disheveled), Kylie Grisly(Kylie with a manic grin and an eye hanging from the socket), Garish Miller(Garrett as a gray skeleton in a wheelchair), and Roland Axe-hand(like Winston Zeddegore, except he has axes for hands and as such has his slime gun tied to his wrist). I also liked your work so much, your character has made a couple of cameos in my comics(though the first one is pretty ridiculous). If you want to know how my first comic featuring you is ridiculous, I'll tell you this much: It's not always a good idea to get inspiration for stories from your dreams.
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flamierocks87Hobbyist General Artist
Hey Lorenzo's dead but Frank Welker can do a heck of an impression of him maybe he replace Peter's Lorenzo voice
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I hate what they did to Janine more.
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LuciferTheShortStudent Traditional Artist
Me too, but for some reason, I always ignore the changes they made. The Junior Ghostbusters weren't really a good idea, but it's not exactly a bad idea to tell children that they can be Ghostbusters too without proton packs, traps, and a Containment Unit.
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I can pretty much live with most of the changes, except what they did to Janine and the stupid Slimer cartoons. Well, that and I think many of the stories weren't as dramatic and well-written later on because they focused too much on dumbing it down for a younger audience range than it was originally directed at.
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LuciferTheShortStudent Traditional Artist
At least they still pointed out that ghosts are dead people. I also wasn't a fan of what they did to Janine, but I often ignored it. I really did prefer the version of her in the first two seasons of the show and the only season of XGB. As for Slimer shorts, they weren't too good, but I liked at least one- Don't Tease the Sleaze. Hey, if thinking that slug-like ghosts that are disgusting and talk like hillbillies are funny is wrong, I'd hate to be right. I liked your version of Dweeb. The way I saw it, maybe his last name really was Dweeb and his unfortunate surname made him the subject of ridicule all his life. Question: What RPG adventure did Nick Calmerro come from? The fan fics say he is from the West End RPG of Ghostbusters, but I have not been able to find any RPG adventure featuring him.
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I watched some commentary from the Real Ghostbusters complete series DVD collection that claims they were not allowed to have their ghosts be the spirits of people (they showed a human version of Slimer during the commentary and said they would have explored who Slimer used to be as a person but the network wouldn't let them), but you're right because I remember episodes that clearly pointed out some good spirits that were said to be people and sometimes would actually show them as alive in flash backs. I'm speaking primarily of the episode that Ray stops the ghost man who's being driven all over the countryside by his ghost horse while being chased by another ghost and cannot stop the endless cycle every night. A focused repeater attached to it's local haunt, in this instance being a town's entire countryside. That and I remember an episode where this person's grandfather or uncle or etc is haunting his old mansion and the Ghostbusters are called in to make him leave but it is discovered there is are trouble making non-human ghosts he is warning about. So, very interesting, you're right.

I'm not sure personally where Nick Calmerro is from. Make sure you make another comment directed at Ectozone if you haven't yet. He might know better than me.
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LuciferTheShortStudent Traditional Artist
The episodes you are talking about are The Man Who Never Reached Home with Simon Quaig, and Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Ghost with Uncle Horace. I also saw Boo-Dunit with Agatha Grisly the mystery novelist, Slimer's Curse with the greedy millionaire Johnathan Tightly, and Rollerghoster with those animal spirits. Heck, they even alluded to death in Til Death Do Us Part and in The Boogieman Cometh in that joke where Louie the Gangster said the Ghostbusters would never take him alive, and Egon responded that he was a ghost, so of course they can't take him alive. I do feel like a hardcore GB fan. I've seen both movies, watched every episode of The Real Ghostbusters(including the Slimer! episodes), every episode of Extreme Ghostbusters, I even have Ghostbusters: The Video Game for the Xbox 360, DS, and PS2.
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All good points!

I'm a hardcore fan myself. Haven't seen all the Extreme GB episodes (though I'd like to and to buy them if they ever come out on DVD in the US) and don't have GB the VG on the DS (borrowed it; didn't like it, but beat it anyway), and own RGB the complete series on DVD. Was on this hardcore a few years back. Made the fan comic CNCGB starring characters based on my friends and I and went out dressed as a Ghostbuster to conventions. Kind of fizzled out though because my friends weren't as big into as I was. Wish I had bought that PKE Meter that was being sold lately (by Matty Toys, I think).
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In the first edition of the game, the one titled "Ghostbusters: A Frightfully Cheerful Role Playing Game", there was a list of characters and story ideas in the Ghost Master Guide. "Nick the Undead Biker Punk" was one of the character ideas, and I appropriated it for the stories "Terror on the Jersey Turnpike" and "Return of the Jersey Turnpike Terror".
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I loved Lorenzo Music's voice as Peter.
Dave Coulter is not fit to lick his shoes.
Real Ghostbusters got so lame in Season 2 after Music left. The stories were stupid and they added those ungodly Junior Ghostbusters to the mix. YECH!
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I think I pretty much started to use those exact colors because those are the ones they settled on in later issues of the Now comic.

Of course, they also color Venkman's color green, but it looked blue on my TV, so that's what I keep coloring it.

Er, not that you can tell on this picture, because he's not wearing his flight suit. (lol)
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the-sashimi-frogHobbyist General Artist
:rofl: as usual. I love your GB artwork. And I totaly agree about the voice change. Why must writers bow to the demands of society, thereby killing decent cartoons?
I love your drawing style too, and seing Egon in neon pink and electric blue is...well...priceless. :+fav:
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thats brilliant
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Dave Coulier took over in season 2? I don't remember that...I do remember the show getting a bit dumber as time went on. I loved that show. I really don't love Dave Coulier, though. He's so not funny.
Why must they kill good cartoons?

Good comic, by the way. :D

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