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Peter, You've Changed



Like my recent "remix" of Ghostbusters.nuts #6, here's a new version of GBNuts#20, which Kingpin first put up last year:

"Peter You've Changed"

Compare to the earlier version:

It's basically a satiric look at the changes made to the character of Peter Venkman between Seasons 1 and 2 of the cartoon, where Lorenzo Music and his laid back, sarcastic, Slimer-hating character was replaced with a toned down, Slimer-buddying version who was both written thirty IQ points dumber and certainly sounded the part due to Dave Coulier's lame Bill Murray impersonation.

Like Venkman, the character of Janine was similarly lobotomized--but her changes were explained in the series with the last brilliant episode of the show (not the last episode, just the last brilliant one) "Janine You've Changed". Thus the title of this joking explaination of what happened to Venkman...
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i get it! it's based on the changes the Q5 team did to the real ghostbusters