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New Ghostbusters (v3)



The third and final of my "New Ghostbusters" pictures, and I get a little more conceptual here:

What if, in say 1992, Now Comics had done almost the same storyline in their comics?

(Leaving aside that it really wouldn't be possible because Kylie Griffin hadn't been created yet, but work with me here)

I guess, that is to say, if NGB happened in a more RGB-esque universe..

Ron Alexander: Flips the paradigm around--instead of wearing an RGB uniform among tan/grey and dark movie-esque flight suits, he gets tan/grey among RGB uniforms
Janine Melnitz: Well, duh, in RGB she has her own uniforms. As I usually do, she's in the uniform seen in Now's RGB#22--Egon's blue with orange accents instead of pink
Kylie Griffin: Wearing one of Ray Stantz's uniforms
Melanie Ortiz: Wearing one of Peter Venkman's uniforms
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One of my favorite storylines in the comics.