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New Ghostbusters (v2)



A recolor of V1


In this version, everybody is wearing the colors seen on the cover of NGB#1 and the interior of #2; in the comics themselves, the women are in shorts while Ron gets to wear his full flight suit; it's part of Jack Hardemeyer's way of trying to exploit the sex appeal of female Ghostbusters. It doesn't work real well--the women get so many cuts and scrapes chasing a ghost around the park, Hardemeyer is forced to allow them to go back to the full flight suits (as seen in v1)

Anyway, the color schemes are familiar to us long-time fans--they're the ones the original Ghostbusters wear in the cartoon.

Ron Alexander in RGB Egon's colors.
Janine in RGB Venkman's colors. This is also a bit of an in-joke to "Janine Melnitz, Ghostbuster", where she wears one of Venkman's flight suits. I still think they should have gone with the personality/personal connection and switched Ron and Janine, but that's only me.
Kylie in RGB Ray's colors
Ortiz in RGB Winston's colors

I haven't actually drawn the women in the shorts; I won't rule out doing it later, but for now the "stock" flight suits.
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