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New Ghostbusters (v1)

From the pages of IDW's Ghostbusters comics...

When the original Ghostbusters are kidnapped by "Collectors" (who happen to look a lot like the Peoplebusters) Janine is forced to put together a new team to find Egon and the others, and of course prevent New York from being sucked down to the tenth level of Hell in the meantime.

Left to right:

Ron Alexander. Formerly the founder of "Ghostsmashers", a would-be competitor to the Ghostbusters, he's on the team because he's the only person who can maintain the equipment--because he'd stolen the designs for them to make the Ghostsmashers' gear.

Janine Melnitz. You all know who that is.

Kylie Griffin. The young lady Ray hired to run his Occult Book Store while he's off blasting poltergeists. Knowledgeable about the supernatural. Based off one of the characters in Extreme Ghostbusters, which is not in continuity in the IDW series.

Melanie Ortiz. An FBI Agent the Ghostbusters met on a previous case (issue 10 of the previous IDW series). Sorta based loosely on Dana Scully, which explains why she and Venkman seem to have something brewing--we know how he is about tall women named Dana.

The pictures of Janine and Kylie, I freely admit, are my same "stock" pictures recolored and modified appropriately. Ortiz and Ron are new pictures.

In this version of the picture (there are two more to come) they're wearing the flight suits they actually use in issues 1, 3-4 of New Ghostbusters/Ghostbusters Vol.2:

Ron Alexander in his own flight suit, which is in RGB Egon's colors. (More on this in later versions of the picture)
Janine in Egon's tan/grey flight suit.
Kylie in Ray's dark (GB2) flight suit (he was wearing his tan/grey one when abducted, and Kylie likes dark colors better anyway)
Ortiz in Venkman's tan/grey flight suit.
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They just had to bring back that albino female and have a dumb useless love triangle between Egon, Janine and that only guy......... thank god I only buy with the TRGB comics