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Kevin Beckman

After a longer delay than I intended, the 2016 Ghostbusters' "Terrible Receptionist" (in the words of Abby Yates) Kevin Beckman.  He's dumb, but looks like a Greek god...well, actually, more like a Norse god, because he's played by Chris "Thor" Hemsworth.

(I admit, I was a bit charmed by Erin Gilbert's obvious crush on him--setting up a potential relationship between a socially awkward physics prodigy Ghostbuster and the team receptionist kinda scratched at a familiar itch)

Anyway, here he's seen in his homemade Ghostbuster uniform.
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Chris Hemsworth is so funny in this movie!
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Nice work!;) (Wink) I saw this movie and that Kevin was a DUMB DUMBI am a dummy! the only MAIN reason they hired him was because they found him ATTRACTIVE!Love Roll-Eyes Smiley Giggle 
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Looks good. Your best one!
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Someone on my website mentioned how enormous his thumb is...I've tried to fix it, but haven't liked any of the results yet.

Ah well, maybe the enormous hand is a clue why Erin likes him so much :lol: